Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



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  • update from yesterday - the TCX export from garmin and imported into Strava worked ok again today to bring through heart rate data - the update to my previous comment is that it isn't just the relative effort score that is available - you can also see the average heart rate for each lap (as pressed on my garmin watch)

  • Tried the "delete and import TCX file" from Garmin workaround...and it works (in that the heart rate data comes over), but two big caveats: 1) like others have noted, the full heart rate data only appears in the app (not the web view), and 2) it then screws up the distance of the swim.

    Add me to the list of non-renewers when the time comes. The vast majority (if not all) of the "Summit" services, and Strava generally, seem geared toward making Strava "Facebook for Exercise."  I don't mind some of the sillier social parts of it, but not at the expense of what I originally started using the platform for (actually recording training, getting interesting data insights out of it, etc.).  

    3+ years of this issue persisting with no real attempt at a solution is ridiculous.  

  • Garmin HRM Swim heart rate data works with TrainingPeaks on open water swims.

    I would guess that most committed triathletes don’t look to the fitness and freshness data in Strava but rather use another platform like TrainingPeaks, WKO4, Today’s Plan, or other platform. Strava seems to be more about the social connection.

    Side note, in June I ran into someone that works for Strava and mentioned this thread and he said, “Oh, those swimmers!”

  • We are on middle 2019 and do not have this functionality :(

  • I wrote to Strava about this yesterday and received the following reply. It's clearly a pro-forma. 



    This is an issue related to a method of recording heart rate data that Strava is currently unable to parse. We are aware of this issue and working on a resolution. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline for when the issue will be resolved.


    This thread has been open for years. I fail to understand why Strava are deliberately alienating a significant section of their customer base.



  • Strava has maintained the same stance for years now. It's baffling. It is absolutely solvable. Swimming just isn't a part of their roadmap as we all think it should be. Seems like a really short-sighted decision, honestly. At least in SoCal, most of the cyclists I know are triathletes.

  • I've canceled my Summit subscription based on the lack of activity on this issue. This is ridiculous Strava.

  • This will be my last year with summit membership too, although I see this as a Garmin issue more than strava, the fact neither side is willing to budge on this is a bit pants. The strap is actually a bit crap in my opinion as doesn’t add to intensity minutes or show on the daily HR chart on Garmin connect either. Apple actually does a better job and swimming is the one area I miss my Apple Watch!

    Training Peaks has issued a statement that it is working with Garmin to be able to bring in the heart rate data from the Garmin branded HRM. Guess my money will be going into that once they’ve got it sussed - much better for useful information to help improve fitness too.

    I think it’s about time Strava reaches out to Garmin to get this issue sorted though - 11 pages of comments makes me think it’s a desired enough addition - even for an app that sells itself as running and cycling based.


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