Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



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  • HR support for swimming activities (to include active calories) would be great.  Please add this feature!

  • My premium membership is up for renewal and I won't do it. My advice to others looking to track fatigue properly is to use premium Training Peaks and, even if you're not wearing an HR monitor, estimate TSS to track your fitness, fatigue, and form in a more realistic way. My guess is that strava is not really interested in this space, otherwise they would have added this long ago. 

  • Totally agree with Greg on this one: TrainingPeaks seems to be moving in the right direction, Strava doesn't. So as of 12/12 I won't be a Strava premium user anymore.

  • +!

    What is the holdup here? It has been well over 2 years since this feature request has been made.


    Lets go Strava!

  • Any news on that?
    Now I've a Garmin Fenix 3 and HRM Swim and I can't see the heart data neither in web nor in the app.


  • Irony is obviously the watchword at Strava... my swim activity has a HR page and tells me to wear a HRM to improve my training.


  • It's been 2 years since this thread was started... what's the hold up Strava?  A lot of triathletes use Strava and swimming metrics are as important to us as are bike/run metrics.  Can you please provide a date for HR to not only be displayed, but actively utilized in all of Strava's performance metrics?  I love Strava and this would be a great enhancement in my opinion.


  • I'm using the Garmin 935 with the swim try strap and the activity has HR data in the Garmin app. However HR data is not show in the Strava mobile app or here online. The mobile app just tells me to shop for a heart rate monitor, but I'm already wearing one!

  • is anybody there? i have to use KAYAK profile to see heart rate data and SURF for numbers of strokes.

    please update swim profile, is not a garmin connect problem.

  • This function will be a criteria if I’m going to extend my premium subscription or not

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  • Guys. Why is this so? Must be a very easy fix. Have you lost interest?....

  • As i also would like to have my swim training included in Fitness, does anyone know if strava is even considering this topic?

  • Strava obviously doesn't care.  It has been over 2 YEARS since this topic was brought up with them.  It's NOT happening, sadly. :(

  • I am athlete and app developer. I use my own app to record my sessions using both gps heart rate ble monitors. My app creates the TCX file and then upload it to garmin, mapmyrun, runtastic, endomondo and strava.

    When the workout type is swim, only at strava the heart rate isn't shown. All others apps show hr data correctly.

    So, I just changed the activity sport type from swim to workout and the HR data was shown.

    There is no tecnical reason to strava doesnt shown the hr data....they just doesnt want to.

    So....the workaround is to change the sport type to workout and u wil see all hr info.


    BTW, my app is available for free at android play store ( imax hr monitor )

  • Let’s use our money to vote! I will not renew my membership this year. Strava shows no respect on us. They rather to waste time to make the UI stupid bright white, rather to make it simple usable.

  • That's really good, Christian C, but how do we then get all of the swim metrics (strokes, interval times etc)?


    Come on Strava, it's doable... 

  • I did not renew my premium membership solely based on the lack of HR data support for swimming activities.

  • Just to reiterate: It is doable in Trainingpeaks. The FIT syncs automatically, HR data is lost for pool swims only (open water works out of the box). You then have to export a TCX from Garmin Connect for a given pool swim and add it to the activity in Trainingpeaks. Trainingpeaks merges the data and you have all the swim metrics and HR data.

    I made sure who's getting my money for an annual subscription.

  • Seems like HR works if the swim workout is uploaded from a Suunto or Polar watch to Strava, why does it not work with my Garmin 735?

  • It's unfortunate that even though Strava markets themselves as a company that's all about supporting Triathletes, they are more interested in rolling out social media features than actually supporting us. No HR on swim data and now way to group Tri actitivies, for example. "The social network for athletes" is just turning into "A social network with some athletes". :\


  • I didn't prolong my premium subscription either. Sad.

  • I also did not renew my subscription to Strava and now use Training Peaks as my "go to" training app.

    It was partially because of the lack of HR data for swimming but mostly because Strava is more of a community / social training tool than a serious performance analysis tool. I still use Strava to see what my friends are up to, learn new cycling routes, etc. For this, I think Strava is very good. When it comes to more serious training scheduling and performance analysis, there are many other much better tools on the market, such as Training Peaks.

    Note however, not even Training Peaks is able to automatically import your Garmin swims into Training Peaks.

    See this page:
    For more details about why, read this:

  • As per this comment:

    "Strava does accept heart rate data from most Garmin swim uploads, but the data is only displayed in the graph on the mobile app, not yet on the website. And there is no suffer score calculation."

    This seems not to show in the app as suggested. Used my Garmin HRM Swim with Garmin 735xt, worked great and HR data is visible in Garmin Connect, however, it does not show when the activity is synced in Strava. 

  • If "most Garmin swim uploads" is meant to refer to "Garmin open water swim uploads," then maybe.  Strava did show average heart rate data (and only average heart rate) for my one recently completed open water swim, but none for any pools swims. 

  • This is so annoying, I've done a 4k hard pool session and it's showing zero training impulse! What is the point of this tracking? I've already turned of my auto-renew and after April won't be missing this misleading data... At least it will still work a social network.

  • Fed up with waiting for Strava to add the swim heart rate. Triathlon is a growing sport and Strava obivouy doesn't care about it otherwise surely we would have it by now. The patronising heart rate page going me to add a HRM when I've already gone through the embarrassment of wearing it at the pool already. I won't be renewing my premium as Training Leaks is doing it for me.

  • How can receiving swim hr data from Garmin and showing on Strava be so difficult since the other hr data is already in place? Isn't it the same logic? If worried about the suffer score calculations being wrong, then warn people about it instead of not showing at all. 

  • Surely this is an easy fix Strava? Nearly two and a half years of complaints. Very disappointing.

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