Add a club type for all activities which includes cross-training.

I looked for a similar thread but didn't find one, so apologies if it already exists.

I run a small social club with several members, and with winter coming up a lot of us do non-triathlon activities like XC skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, etc. I'd love to be able to designate my club type as all-inclusive, so that the distance/time/elevation leaderboards would include everyone. Many of my club members are just hikers, for example, which don't count towards leaderboards unless they log them as runs.

An "Everything" club would be great for social types, since there are plenty of people who just walk for fitness. Every little bit counts, and would be great encouragement for new athletes just starting out.



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  • Add my vote to this too please.  Would love to be able to create a club that either includes "everything", or where we could at least nominate 3 activities of choice that the leaderboard would include.  Cheers.

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  • 3 years later, still nothing. Lots of new activities being supported by Strava, please add a club type that supports them all.

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