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  • The new Apple Watch (2) has GPS on board. I now want to use it with my iPhone at home. (Maybe it is already possible? I can't find any information about that.)

  • Now that the Apple Watch Series 2 with Integrated GPS would like to know what Strava's plans are to support it, and the timing.  Seems like it would be great foe r the Strava brand to have a app that allowed you to run phone free with GPS.  Is an update to urilize the AW's integrated GPS in the pipeline?

  • With series 2 coming out and Watch OS3, would a complication be possible?


    so I would be able to tap on it on the watch face and insta-launch the app and I'm on my way?


    great app on phone and watch as is. Just an idea. 



  • Glances are a thing of the past (they do not exist in watchOS 3).  Rather, they keep your most recent (and up to 10 you request) apps in RAM in a dock which you get to by pressing the button on the side of the watch.

    I have my strava app in my "dock" and it's super-quick to launch.  From open to activity start is just a second or two.  That is when I launch the app, it's already at the "start" button screen, you just tap and go.

  • I am also wondering whether you will be developing a version compatible with the Apple Watch Series 2 that will work without carrying a phone.  I have tried the Nike + app on my phone and the auto pause is a disaster.

  • The battery drain issue on the Apple Watch is a showstopper for now. Is it possible to use a smarter implementation that does not require the Strava app to be running on the watch? It should be possible to simply read the heartrate during the workout/ride that's already being logged, without the Strava app on the watch running.

    The Nike+ Run app does this, so should be possible for Strava too ;-)

  • I'm using a new series 2 watch and would love to have a lap function within the strava app, so that in track workouts or other road pace workouts I can use manual laps and see my pace and distance for just that section of the run. This is an extremely useful function on my garmin. Any chance you all will add this feature?

  • This question/request is a bit backwards but this thread seemed the most relevant place to ask. Will Strava be supporting import of workouts from the iOS Health app? In other words, I'd be happy using the stock Apple Workouts app on my watch, but then I'd like to import the data into Strava. Now that iOS10/watchOS3 records GPS data for workouts, that would seem to offer the best of all worlds.

    There are 3rd-party semi-solutions such as RunGap, but AFAIK, RunGap doesn't (yet?) get the GPS data from Apple Health, so, e.g., all runs show up in Strava as treadmill.

  • @Finge Holden .. not sure what you mean by a battery drain issue.  The Apple Watch Series 2 gets 5 hours of battery life using the integrated GPS, and 8 hours if use the watch and your phones GPS.  I think that is probably more than enough battery life for the vast majority to get in even an extended workout.  

  • Any chance Strava for Apple Watch will be able to tap into built-in GPS in Series 2 for swimming, biking, and running? Is it possible from a developer standpoint for any app that's *not* Apple's Workout app to use the watch's GPS capabilities?

  • Will it be possible to use the Strava with the I watch 2 without being connected to the iPhone? Iwatch has an integrated gps sensor, so when can I expect using strava without iPhone??

  • There's already a discussion about the Apple Watch 2 with built in GPS going on in our community. To avoid confusion please head over and add your comments.

    Continue to leave your feedback about our current Apple Watch app here. 

    Thank you. 

  • Do you still need your iPhone with you to use the Strava app on the new series 2 Apple Watch?

  • Please head over to the discussion on the Apple Watch 2 and the built in GPS, and follow that post for future updates on Strava compatibility. Thanks! 

  • i can't figure out how to record my swim with Strava.  I have an iPhone and Apple Watch 2.  I think a lot of athletes bike, run and swim.  If you can provide functionality and clear instructions that would be nice.

  • I just got the apple watch 2.  I used it with the strava watch app while carrying my phone and it appeared to capture my heart rate and other data accurately.  I say this for those asking about the heart rate function.  In my experience, it worked perfectly.

    My question to the Strava folks;  

    1) when are you going to either design the app to function without my needing to carry my phone? 

    2) in the absence of #1, are you planning to add the share data or sync functionality to PULL data from the apple watch health app that functions w/o carrying my iphone with me.  It has some sort of GPS that maps my route, tracks speed, distance, heart rate, etc.  I would like to collect and analyze my data in Strava, but I am unable to pull into strava from the health app.  

    I have tried to move the data from the Apple Activity app to Strava the way you can "share" it with Under Armour's Record App, but that isn't an option Strava has made available.  It would be ideal if it would automatically sync FROM the apple Activity app to Strava and/or the reverse.  

    What are strava's plans for this fix?

  • Hi there, apologies if this has been answered - I don't have time to scroll through 12 pages worth of comments!

    Wondering if there is a plan from Strava to include Swimming with the strava app for apple watch? I bought watch a couple of days ago just assuming it would be part of the app, surprised it's not there. Please advise?

  • Hi 


    The first time i run with the strava app on my Apple watch i was getting a message with pace after every km.  The message contained my avg pace for current km and previous one.

    I found that very good. 

    But now i don't get those messages anymore.

    Is this a setting somewhere? Do i have to start recording from my wach of from my phone to get these messages? 

  • Bert, the answer lies with your iPhone - Go to Settings - Notifications - Strava and make sure that you are set to receive banner alerts from Strava. And then go Notifications in the Watch app and make sure that Strava is set to "Mirror my iphone". That should do it. 

  • It's an app issue. Bert, it's not you. It's Strava and one of their many issues. Mine notifies me when it feels like it. Some runs it does, some runs it doesn't. Even in the runs that it does - some miles it does, some miles it doesn't. 

    Strava should be an app that works simply, however that's just not the case. 

  • We're seeing the same issues at Strava HQ about the temperamental notifications. We're looking into it. 

    @Peter, regarding swim: We have no plans to support swim any differently than we do now  - you can choose run or ride "mode" when you record, then you can change the activity to a swim when you save it. You are welcome to add your support to this thread on the topic.

  • AFAIC, after one year testing, I stopped using the AppleWatch.

    Bought a Garmin FR230 (which I think is the most basic a runner can buy) and it automatically syncs activities on Strava. It works like a charm. It connects to my Wahoo TIKR HR monitor band. And I have all the info I want on my wrist. Plus you can program it to create your own trainings, like interval trainings. 

    Just ditch the AW and get something serious: I haven't been seeing any improvement on the iPhone or AW Strava app.

  • In my case I have kept the Apple Watch and dumped Strava (regrettably, because on a phone only it works fine and gave me all the data I want for both running and cycling). After testing numerous apps (surprisingly, NikeRunClub is not fully functional with AW, even though Apple make a Nike watch). I eventually settled on Runkeeper, because its operation with Apple Watch is flawless and has a cool UI on the watch.

  • I would like to see an easier/quicker start/stop button on the apple watch for when i'm doing interval training. To have to swipe right and then tap stop as I cross a finish line (think interval training) is a pain. I am looking for something akin to a manual button like on a garmin. I tried the auto-pause feature but this proved unreliable. Perhaps a deep press like it used to be stops recording automatically as this can be done quickly but purposefully and then deep press to resume recording. Then leave the swipe for finish workout.


    Currently the apple watch app is fantastic for a casual job but not so much for interval training.

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