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  • @rob yes although in scenario 1 you can also pair a BT HR band (or optical wrist strap on your other wrist) with your phone and get HR data.

  • I lost two recordings this morning. First one was going fine until I took my phone out to take a photo - "an ssl error occurred" and watch reset and ride gone. I restarted - it showed time going up on the watch. Finished the ride at the end on watch - nothing uploaded - just gone. The distance field on watch never populates for me even waiting on screen. I often get the "please sign in" even though the app is open. Overall needs a lot of work. To lose rides is the worst possible outcome.
  • I am not able to end an activity. The only option that I have it to switch sports. Sometimes it comes up with switch sports and finish. Bug!

    When I start an activity, then pause my time keeps going. It gives me the total elapsed time, not the moving time. Could this be an auto pause?

    I was hoping that the Strava data would sync with the activity app? In order to get my activity to show up on activity app I need to start an activity as well.

  • So frustrating. Why can't Strava comment on this thread? It's obviously not ready for release - I just can't get it to work now and have given up.

    It shouldn't be advertised as a feature. It was obviously rushed to market. So cross I lost a recorded activity. My first in over 1,000

    Please give us paying customers response Strava.
  • Not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not, but there seems to be a bug with the DISTANCE on the watch app. The DISTANCE seems to update accurately until I look at my watch while running (and the screen comes on via wrist detection). Whatever DISTANCE is displayed at that point, gets locked in for the duration of my run. TIME and PACE continue to update properly, but not DISTANCE. I've used the app on three runs now and it's happened every time.

    Anyone else notice this?

  • Hey all, thanks for your patience while we figure out some of the issues you've been experiencing. I've been monitoring this thread closely. Please keep in mind that Strava for Apple Watch is still very new. I should also mention that we were only allowed limited access to an actual watch before the release (this was the same for any developer at any company that created an Apple Watch app) so please understand that ironing out these issues is part of the process of a newly designed app on a first generation device, especially given the parameters. With that said, we're working hard to make sure the Strava experience on Apple Watch is top-notch. Your feedback here is incredibly helpful so please continue contributing to this thread. I'll do my best to address any questions when I know the answers.

    Firstly, here’s the how-to documentation for Strava on Apple Watch:

    Turning now to some technical troubleshooting - We’ve heard of some users losing activities because the screen on the watch turns off and they try to turn it back on by touching it and, consequently, actually stop recording. Please keep this in mind if you're engaging with the watch while recording. As well, we are aware of the distance reading issue, wherein distance isn’t updating even though time and pace are. We’re working to fix it. Stay up to date here.

    As well, please keep in mind that currently you have to open the Strava app on your phone before pressing record on the watch. There's an issue with the iPhone app being backgrounded that's preventing the watch from being able to open the app to start an activity. We’re looking into this as well.

    Re. Heart Rate - Apple hasn't extended the functionality of the built in Apple Watch HR sensor to any third party apps. I'm not entirely sure about Apple’s plans to open up the HR monitor or of Strava's plans to incorporate it in the future if Apple does so. I'm not aware of what it would take to pull HR data from HealthKit to Strava, but we don't do it because the sync only goes one way (Strava to Healthkit, not Healthkit to Strava). Please note that you can still pair a Bluetooth HR monitor to the iPhone app but the Apple Watch won't display the HR data from your external HR monitor. 

    If Strava is not opening, you may need to tell your phone to download the app to your Apple Watch. Go to the Apple Watch app on your phone and scroll down to find Strava. Tap into Strava and make sure “Show App on Apple Watch” is turned on.

    Switching gears…what do you like about Strava for Apple Watch? How do you see it playing a bigger role in your activity in the future? And, what are some strong points of the app on the watch so far?

  • Thanks for the update Jeremy!

    I am personally about to give up on using Apple Watch for running.  The OLED screen is too darn hard to read under San Francisco sun and the small fonts don't help either.  Also doing the wrist flick or tap to take a look at the pace gets old very quickly.  Maybe using notifications (like the Abvio Runmeter (elite level) Watch App) for miles/time etc, instead of raising your wrist, could work better.  Take a look at: and especially the customization of the notification screens.

    At any rate, I am not suggesting to implement customization options like Runmeter since the iOS Strava App has never tried to be a super fancy/customizable running tool.  If I were you, I would implement simple Pace/Distance, Time/Distance (two field) screens that use as large numbers as the XL Watch Face does (border to border).  Same large fonts for the notification screens too.  Anything else is not very usable by actual runners in my opinion.

    Last idea.  If you recall, before Apple implemented pressing the Volume Up/Down buttons as the camera shutter, some company hacked their way into doing the same thing.  If you could somehow do the same either by accessing the Digital Crown click event or the Friend button click event and use them as a start/stop or lap button it would be great.  If that's not possible, at least make force-touch the way to start/stop/lap otherwise it's too easy to accidentally end an activity which is very frustrating.

    Lastly, give Watches to your high-volume runners and have them run around.  I am sure the feedback will be similar.

  • @Jeremy -  Please see attached image, and note that Nike+ and Omvana both currently pull HR data from Health App (this info provided by Apple). So it is absolutely currently supported.

  • Jeremy, one more thing.  Your comment: "I'm not aware of what it would take to pull HR data from HealthKit to Strava, but we don't do it because the sync only goes one way (Strava to Healthkit, not Healthkit to Strava)." is not correct.  Strava currently reads body weight data from HealthKit and I can verify that since my Withings WiFi Scale sends my weight to Apple Health which finds its way to Strava.  In order for that to happen I have enabled the privacy permission for Health to share data with Strava.

  • @Matt.  I agree with you that sharing HR from Health should be possible but, as DC Rainmaker is already discovering, the granularity of HR data might just not be there:

  • @Marios - That's great feedback. Thanks! Many of our elite runners here at Strava have been building, playing with, and testing the watch since it came out. I'll of course pass along your feedback to them.

    Re. heart rate and Healthkit - We don't currently pull HR data from Healthkit because the frequency isn't high enough. In other words, Healthkit doesn't record your HR data in fast enough intervals (i.e. every 1 or 2 sec) to provide a HR analysis that's up to our standards. This is why we suggest using a Bluetooth compatible HR monitor. I'm not entirely sure about Nike+ or any other fitness apps' stances on this. You are correct that we do pull metrics such as age and weight, but again, we don't pull anything else from Healthkit, we only push data to Healthkit, which is what I meant when I said that the "sync only goes one way."


  • One more thing that is frustrating (and has nothing to do with Strava) is that Apple themselves don't eat their own dogfood (#1 principle for good APIs).

    The Apple Watch Activity app doesn't pull Workout/Running data from HealthKit.  This means that although I run for an hour (not wearing the Watch) and my activity has made it through the chain Garmin Forerunner -> Strava Online -> Strava iOS -> Apple Health, somehow Apple drops the ball and my data never makes it to the Watch Activity app (as it doesn't pull the HealthKit workout data).  As a result the Watch keeps telling me I need to exercise for 30mins which is inaccurate and annoying.

    The reason I am discussing this here is because I see value on the Strava Glance in combination with the Apple Activity Glance as a way to keep track of my fitness even if I am not just yet ready to abandon my Garmin and switch to the Watch during my runs.  But if the Watch Activity app doesn't use Apple's own API to pull HealthKit data then what's the point?

    If Apple wants HealthKit to be the "Hub" it has to go both ways and let all parties (including themselves) to push/pull data, HR, activities or whatnot.

  • @Marios - Spoke to Apple about this. You have to ALSO run the workout app. To get accurate readings in the activity app. Bummer.

  • I've just used the Strava app on my watch for the first time, just a short distance to work and noticed as I was glancing down at the watch whilst riding it kept resetting to zero hence not capturing my ride at all.  So to be clear at first glance it showed distance but then switched straight away to 00:00 and reset, it did this every time I looked down.  Does this mean you cannot use the app and actually look at it until finished riding?

  • Really looking forward to the first update of the strava aw app.
    Most important: Show also heart rate and track for navigation on the apple watch (HR source Bluetooth belt as I want to fix the watch on the steering wheel to check Speed, HR, track ...).
    Is there already a release date public?


  • Just going to reiterate what everyone else is saying because it should definitely be fixed in the first real update.

    • "Please sign in" when I'm definitely signed in.
    • Force touch when trying to end a workout consistently just brings up "switch sport"
    • It never uploads successfully. Literally, NEVER. I don't even bother starting workouts via the watch anymore.
    • If I do start a workout on the watch and then look at the progress in the phone, the timer is still at 0:00:00
    • When in glances, it either doesn't load the information or takes forever which clearly isn't within guidelines for apple since the watch is designed around 10-15 second interactions not waiting and staring at your wrist for a minute or longer.
    • Heart rate functionality is obvious; why would Strava (or Apple) callout heart rate compatibility in the product description for the Watch?
    • Synchronization with Health App is iffy even after signing out, deleting, and re-installing.
  • I'm also having similar issues as others have outlined; (says I'm not signed in & finish doesn't always show up)

    I am happy to see this thread being active and look forward to updates.

    As a user I'm really just looking for the simple interaction of being able to start / finish a ride successfully. 

  • As a cyclist, I would like to put my Apple Watch on my handlebars rather than my wrist. When I look down at my watch, I would like to see my data without having to tap the screen to wake the watch up. Is there a way to keep watch on at all times?
  • Another vote here for the ability to read Heart Rate data from… in the absence of Watch SDK that allows access to the real-time data, it’d be great if Strava read any data in Right now I’m using Strava on my iPhone, on the Watch to ensure that heart rate data is saved.

  • Just my two cents that I started the Strava app on my watch and it did not start the app on my phone which was securely tucked in my cycling jersey. I was disappointed because I didn't realize this until after my MTB ride, and lost the data. Not a big deal since I'm not much of a data junkie, but I am looking forward to the update so I can enjoy all the functionality of my Apple watch.

  • I have the latest strava app and apple watch - the app doesn't show on my list of applications in the apple watch app (so I can't turn on "show app on apple watch". I read on another forum someone with the same problem and they "fixed" it by upgrading to IOS 8.3 (I have 8.2 and don't want to upgrade because I would loose the ability to run 3rd party tools like itools, etc). Is there no way to use strava with the apple watch on IOS 8.2 ?

  • @jeremy "We don't currently pull HR data from Healthkit because the frequency isn't high enough. In other words, Healthkit doesn't record your HR data in fast enough intervals (i.e. every 1 or 2 sec) to provide a HR analysis that's up to our standards." As far as I can tell, the apple watch during workout mode places heart rate data every 5 seconds into Healthkit. This should be enough for some semblance of a graph or metric to be processed after a run.
  • I scanned the board ... and apologize if I missed it.  Will the cadence monitor be able to incorporate with the watch.  If I understand correctly my heart rate monitor connects with my phone.  So confused, just one one device to mess with.  LOL

  • Can't wait for post run data and/or real time HR monitoring w/ Strava. Thanks!

  • Can't wait for it to just work.

    HR data would be great but don't understand why everyone keeps asking for it when the app is totally unusable and not working anywhere near reliably enough to use.
  • I'm not a developer, but was wondering whether the problems with data displayed on the watch not being in sync with the phone, and failed attempts to start an activity, is maybe to do with battery saving and bluetooth ?

    Does the watch have to re-initiate it's bluetooth connection to the phone, each time you raise your wrist, and drop it each time the display goes off ?

    My input on the watch and app - As a competitive runner, i'm really disappointed with the Apple Watch….. so far.

    Having tried my preferred app (obvs. Strava), but also RunKeeper and Endomondo - It's just not possible to use the watch in a race situation, where you need to have the phone stashed away in a pocket or running belt - because it's very hit or miss whether the watch will connect to, and play nicely with the accompanying app on the phone.

    In my opinion, the watch will only work for serious runners if :-

    1. The ‘Side button’ (friends), can have a different function assigned to it - To Start and Stop the activity in the same way as a GPS sports watch - it’s near impossible to start and stop an activity, using the screen in a race.

    2. The watch needs to go in to a Single App (kiosk) mode, when using a fitness app like Strava - for two reasons - 

    a) to ensure that it’s always connected to start/stop / and you don’t accidentally leave the watch app (it’s impossible to navigate watch OS whilst racing). 

    b) you’re probably not that interested in an email from your bank / Facebook notification, in the middle of a race.

    3. Display stats need to be customisable (as in the Endomondo watch app) - For me - I would want Time / Distance / Average Pace; but I know other people would want different things.

    4. As Someone else mentioned - the typeface for the numbers needs to be as large as possible - but all on one screen - its not practical to swipe between screens. 

    For me, the Side Button being used as Start/Stop is absolutely essential. It seems like (for now) Apple has decided that this button is exclusively for bringing up the ‘friends’ screen; But maybe if enough developers bug them about it - they might consider making it a more useful physical button.

    These things would be a bonus:

    1. Heart Rate

    2. Turn by Turn push notifications on the watch, when using Routes - in the same manner as the Apple Maps app.

    I’m sure the vast majority of these problems are down to limitations imposed by Apple. 

    Here’s hoping that Fitness on Apple Watch can become what it should be !

  • It would be nice to have also Delete/Discard button when I finish workout on summary page on Apple Watch. The Glance view should also display both cycling and running progress (for example two columns next to each other). 

    The app is quite buggy (refreshing recording labels, refreshing Glance view, randomly starting/stopping workout, ...) but now you could test it on a real Apple Watch, so I hope the hunt for those bugs will be now easier.

    Overall I like it. I use the app for daily commutes to work and for running. It's nice to don't bother with the phone and just sit on a bike, tap on a wrist and ride. I like the simplicity of the app, displaying just the info I care about (distance, time, pace/speed). Thx

  • As I am eagerly awaiting my watch I m wondering: When using Strava on the watch does the workout feed into the Activity app of Apple? When using Strava on the watch does the workout feed into the Workout app of Apple? Please integrate the HR data from the watch. Thanks
  • When using Strava on the watch does the workout feed into the Activity app of Apple?


    When using Strava on the watch does the workout feed into the Workout app of Apple?


    Please integrate the HR data from the watch.

  • That's right. I've given up on getting strava to talk to apple activity app or health app. I go for a cycle and record the activity on my watch using the apple app and at the same time record the activity on my phone using strava. Its the only way to get activity and strava updated consistently...

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