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Please use this forum to leave your thoughts about using Strava on the Apple Watch and what we could do to make it better.

More information on the functionality can be found here:




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  • This app is constantly bugged on my apple watch. It keeps displaying the "three dots movement"  or the message that I need to unlock my iPhone (which I do and nothing happens...).

  • Where do we give feedback for the beta? I am running it and want to help contribute.

    I don't want to muddy the waters in this forum with beta feedback - where should we go?

  • Filled in the form for testing the beta version for Strava on the new version of Apple Watch IOS including heart rate registration, but I didn't receive an invitation to test it.

    Hopefully the new version will go live at short notice!

    A few wishes for the next version of Strava when using the heart rate (and maybe more) data of the Apple Watch:

    • can you use the number of steps that the Apple Watch records for registering the pace/stride?
    • could you please calculate the ruling index (was a very important feature for me on the Polar watch)? It can be calculated as follows:

    Complex Index :
    This takes into consideration Weight, Age, Gender, Time, HR.
    I did some conversions in order to get the weight from lbs to KG

    132.853 - (0.0769 × Weight) - (0.3877 × Age) + (6.315 × Gender) - (3.2649 × Time) - (0.1565 × Heart rate)

    - Weight is in pounds (lbs)
    - Gender Male = 1 and Female = 0
    - Time is expressed in minutes and 100ths of minutes
    - Heart rate is in beats/minute
    - Age is in years

  • @Gert .. Has the beta even been released? I thought Jeremey's post indicated that it would be next week as in the week of Oct. 12. I am still hopeful about receiving an invite.
  • What is the status of the public beta? Seems like one person has been using it since at least yesterday. Seems like others (like me) have heard nothing either way.


  • I'm sure they are just working through the list of volunteers, cannot possibly imagine they would just silenty ignore our offers to contribute.

  • I also haven't heard anything about testing the BETA, maybe I don't do enough 

  • Rest assured, we have received all of your beta requests and we're excited to partner with you all. Thank you! We've been sorting through them and will be sending out invites shortly. If you do receive an invite, please follow the detailed instructions posted here to install and run the Strava for Watch OS2 beta. As of today, we will no longer be accepting any more submissions to beta test. 


  • Received my invite - thanks, Jeremy. Would it be possible to dedicate a forum for discussing the beta, unless we can do it here? I know the (sparse) instructions say to leave feedback using a support ticket, but some information would be better off shared publicly (e.g. the requirement to disable wifi - is that only during install or all the time while testing the app?)
  • Had my invite too - thanks. I followed the instructions but the watch app kept crashing. A few uninstalls and reinstalls later it seems to be working. I agree that keeping this thread alive and troubleshooting public is a good idea. I am also puzzled about the WiFi thing - be good to have some more detail on that.
  • Installed this morning and managed to get working for the morning commute.  Initial feedback:

    1) After getting the app installed and launched, it took forever to start the ride.  I saw the bicycle icon and my progress to weekly goal, but when I tapped to start my ride, it got stuck on the 4 dots until about 1.5 km into the ride when I stopped and fiddled with it and somehow got it to start.  Unfortunately no better description than "I fiddled with it" but hopefully this was just a first-ride issue.

    2) I would really like the time to be displayed more prominently - for me this is just as important as riding time when commuting

    3) If possible, it would be great to have the heartrate monitor work at more frequent intervals.  It seems to have measured heartrate about once every five minutes....

    4) When finishing rides the number of taps required to actually complete everything is a bit too much.  I'm not sure the tiny map at the end, for example, is really useful - and I could do without having to tap "Done" after I've already tapped "Stop" and "Finish". Basically, when I finish my ride I want the interaction with my watch, which requires both hands (as opposed to the phone, which only requires one), to be as quick as possible. 

    Overall very cool though - this is definitely looking like the type of app I was hoping for as a Strava user with an Apple Watch!

  • Hi, i would sign the request for a separated beta forum to discuss and exchange information or is it possible to share experiences in the open forum?

  • Just completed my first ride with the beta (I installed it last night).

    • App started from watch (seemed to take a while, but it got going)
    • Started ride from watch
    • Periodically checked watch (speed was displaying, time, etc… didn’t have an opportunity to see heart rate – it was dark and I needed to pay attention to the road)
    • Arrived at my destination
    • Slid screen over
    • Pressed STOP
    • Waited (probably about 2-3 minutes)
    • Never appeared to finish
    • Went to the phone and ended the workout there (didn’t want to lose it)


    So… almost a successful ride.


    I think the watch is displaying in MPH when it should have been KMH btw… I’m not that fast. ;-)

  • I agree with @Sam .. very cool.

    I installed the beta last night and have used a couple of times just to test it out.  So far, so good.  The first time I tried it took a long while to start, but subsequently, it started immediately.

    Personally, I really like how you end a workout in the beta version.  One of my biggest gripes about the production version was that it was easy to inadvertently stop the activity without meaning to.  Having the stop button on another screen prevents that.  Yes, it takes a few button pushes to finally end things, but I am OK with that.

    Really looking forward to my 5-mile run at lunch to give it a more thorough shakedown.

  • Hi all - Glad to hear you're getting the beta up and running. We decided not to open up a new forum for feedback on the beta specifically because it's easier to collect feedback via Support tickets (which I will be collecting personally). This was a decision that was made to help streamline the feedback process and make sure that we're getting all the feedback that comes in.

    On that note, if you've left feedback about the beta here, please copy/paste it into a support ticket if you haven't already!

    @Jorn - It actually isn't a requirement that wifi be turned off. But, we've found that, if you start an activity right outside your home or you pass a coffee shop with free wifi, for example, that the watch will stall the activity trying to connect. Because of this, it's better if you disable wifi and rely solely on Bluetooth. 

  • Is anyone able to shed any light on how the Apple Watch (and the activity ring), Strava and Garmin Connect relationship now works?

    My process so far has been: Record bike ride using Garmin 810/Garmin Connect > sync with Strava. But the Apple Watch adds another element of sync. I would like to still fill the activity/exercise rings, would this happen automatically when the ride is synced Strava via the Garmin, or does the activity need to be started on the Apple Watch? (I wouldn't necessarily be wearing the Watch during rides or using it as my primary fitness tracker, as the Garmin records distance/heart rate etc).

    I hope that makes some kind of sense..

  • Jeremy,

    While I respect the decision not to have a separate forum for feedback, I believe it makes things harder on us testers, because we can't see what other people are reporting. If we're all having a particular issue in a specific build of the beta version, we have no way of knowing if it's something just happening to us, or maybe something we didn't understand, or if it's an issue that you've heard about a hundred times already and have already fixed in the next build. More tickets being created about something that's already been addressed is a waste of time for both sides.

    Having the feedback in support tickets may be good for your side, but it's bad for ours, and makes testing a bit frustrating. I encourage you to reconsider this, and maybe have someone from your side read the forums each day and create tickets from the new items they're seeing (which will probably already be isolated in separate threads). You'll have fewer overall tickets, and you'll have a better chance to respond to the threads to update us about the issue's status.


  • @Jeremy,


    Has everyone received an Invite Yet as I requested to try the Beta and still haven't received anything yet.


    I do however agree that there should be a separate Forum, to continue a discussion with those chosen to test the beta.

  • Hey All,

    Thanks for your feedback. How's this? I created a new feedback form for OS2 Beta testers to focus on helping iron out bugs here:


  • Hey all - Just a quick heads up that if you have submitted a direct Support ticket with feedback about the Strava for Apple Watch OS2 beta, I have received them and I'm working hard on collecting and compiling them for the Engineering Team. I'll get back to you after the weekend!

  • I just did a ride, and it shows my heart rate almost the same for most of the ride (153bpm).  When I go into my health app to check the data, it shows my heart rate with different bpms.  So Strava doesn't seem to always be getting the correct or most up to date information.

    Another bug I found - I couldn't stop the activity from my watch, so i did it from the app.  The watch is "stuck" and still reading my heart rate even though I stopped the activity a while ago. I had to restart the watch for it to stop logging my heart rate.

  • Hi, I am beta testing strava with Iwatch and it hasn't worked for me yet?

    Sometimes it's ready to go and other times it just gives me the circle with the waiting fm three dots in the middle. I am trying to bare with it but it isn't very user friendly.

    It takes too long to fire up and glancing Dow to check pace or distance doesn't work, I think because the watch only lights up briefly.

    Hope it can be improved soon.
  • On several occasions now, Strava has frozen on the Apple Watch. I start it - everything appears to be normal. I go for a ride, and find at the end that the entire watch has frozen and Strava has recoded a total distance of exactly 0 for my ride. Extremely frustrating. Running Watch OS2 and all of the latest updates installed on the app.
  • What about real-time cadence?! Will that be available with new version?
    All fellow cyclists in my community find cadence the 2nd most important data field... so any cycling computer/app without cadence is worthless.
  • What about real-time cadence?! Will that be a feature with new version now in Beta?
    My fellow cyclists and I find cadence to be the 2nd most important data field... So any cycling computer/app without cadence is worthless.
  • I tried to update but get an error saying that strava doesn't have permission to update and that I should go to settings>general>profiles...but i can't and as i have removed the app from my iwatch am stuck. Have rebooted the phone but no good...could you suggest anything?
  • Hi,

    I went for a run this morning with the new version of the app (I managed to get it installed by deleting everything and starting again) didn't go well.  I started the app on the iWatch and started running.  I was hearing a lot of beeping from my wrist and after a while checked it and saw the finish screen.  It looks like it had bombed out while running.  I started the app on the phone but that didn't work either so missed all the run.  I did see some connectivity messages (sorry didn't see the specific message) popping up on the watch from the watch app.



  • I have two problems with release 4.9.0 (3368).

    First, when trying to install to my watch (in TestFlight), the phone complains that it's not from a trusted developer, and says if I want to install it anyway, I should visit Settings:General:Profiles and accept the profile. Trouble is, there isn't a profile for Strava.

    Second, the app crashes immediately on launch. I've deleted and reinstalled from TestFlight, but that doesn't help. I've deleted and reinstalled 4.7 from the App Store, and it launches. Then I updated in-place with TestFlight, and it crashes on launch again.

  • 11/9/15 Beta Strava apple watch heart rate monitor: Wishlist:

    1) Heart Rate displayed on iphone while riding

    2) when you turn your wrist to look at the watch the display turns off in 5 seconds, sometimes quicker than the heartrate monitor reads.

  • I would also like to see Strava record heart rate from the Apple Watch. Is this being looked into and, if so, any timeframe for this feature to be available?

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