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  • Hi Folks,

    I'm a bit confused about whether the current watch "app" can support external BlueTooth sensors. I've successfully connected my iPhone app with a TICKR heart rate monitor and a Stages power meter. After buying a new Apple Watch yesterday, I used the watch app to start a workout on my commute this morning. The ride went fine and the app recorded the GPS data without a hitch. However, when I looked at the data afterwards, it had no heart rate, power, or cadence. I realize that the watch app itself doesn't actually connect to external sensors (yet), but I was hoping that the watch app would trigger the iPhone app, which would use those previously paired sensors. Apparently I have misunderstood. Could there be something wrong with my setup? Or do I need to start the ride from the iPhone app instead of the watch app in order to pick up the sensors?

  • Here's hoping the strava Apple watch app does work when it's finally released.
    I've missed the Strava beta test, but what I can say is that I've tried three other Apple watch fitness apps (I won't mention names because I think the problem here is with Apple, not the app developers) and none of them work. At one point I thought my watch had a hardware issue and had it replaced under Applecare, but that made no difference.
    All the apps I've tried are slow and unresponsive, lose workouts, fail to record hr data (or don't start until half way through a ride, or give up half way), spontaneously dump gps data.
    In the weeks since Watchos2 came out the only flawless ride I've recorded has been using a Bluetooth Suunto hr belt, and by flawless I mean 'a continous recording of position and heart rate for the entire ride'.
    So, what I'd like would be for the app developers to come clean about what exactly is the problem here. Three other developers - and at least one of these had a perfectly good IOS app before the Watch came out - have tried and have run into difficulties getting the Watch to record heart rate. Strava are obviously struggling as the updated app hasn't turned up, and Apple don't seem to noticed that the updated version of the app didn't make it in time for the release of Watchos2
    "Strava uses the heart rate sensor to gather and display data during workouts."
    If the problems are due to Apple not providing developers with the right hooks into Watchos2 wouldn't it be better for the fitness app developers to get together and publically demand that Apple sort it out?
    If on the other hand there's an underlying hardware problem with the Watch we, the users, need to know.
    I, for one, certainly bought the Watch on the promise that it would be the ultimate fitness tracker (and I do always carry my phone). If there's a problem with it that can't be fixed maybe Apple should be looking at a return program.
  • Hello I am frustrated because the Strava WatchOS2 app is not working properly. It refuses to load when I attempt to access it by clicking on the icon. The app acts like it's loading but just goes around in circles. I have tried restarting the watch, uninstalling the watch app, closing the phone app - all without success. Can you fix this bug?
  • This is a really sad forum to read.  Lots of frustration and no answers.  This integration was a primary reason I bought my watch.  Then, I heard it would all work with WatchOS2, but that didn't come to fruition either.  What a bummer.

  • Update 11/24:
    1) discovered HR monitor does not post to strava after an incoming phone call to the iPhone.
    2) I'm still not clear on ending ride sequence, seems like I keep ending it wrong and the HR monitor keeps running on the watch to the point I have to turn the watch off to get it to stop.
    3) delay to get HR when you look at the watch is still the number one annoyance
  • Just bought an iWatch to use with Strava and the watches HR monitor. How do I set it up?????? Does it work? Thanks


  • If you bought the watch primarily for that reason I'd return it now. The Strava app doesn't currently support the Apple Watch HRM (although Apple are selling the watch on the basis that it does). Apple's workouts app works well, but its reporting is limited to total distance and average heart rate for any one workout. None of the other third party apps that supposedly include data from the Apple Watch HRM actually work.


  • Thats just not true, runkeepers app works pretty well, with iphone and standalone without the iphone. I don't like the rest of the runkeeper service but their apple watch app works at least as good as apples workout app. I would not recommend the apple watch as a fitness watch in the first place but for people who want to use the other apple watch features it can be a really nice fitness watch. 

  • Update: the watch is working ok with Strava, but sometimes lags on the handshake with the iPhone. If I am using a TICKR HRM and check to ensure its reading HR data on the iOS app then I can generally use the watch with success. If I use the watch with Wahoo runfit app that uses the watch heart rate data but it doesn't synch with the IOS wahoo app.

    Can't wait for Strava to finally update the damn app for heart rate. Why is this taking so long?
  • #Ex Pedia: That's interesting, my experience is that over 24 rides in November Runkeeper has only managed to record both GPS and HR data together a couple of times. Usually it either loses HR data intermittently, decides that my ride is a 'stopwatch only' activity and ditches the GPS data, loses all the HR data, or just gives up after 100m and terminates the activity.

    Runkeeper support (who are pretty good) say I've encountered a 'known issue', and that they are working on it. Strava support haven't replied yet.

    I'm on my second watch - returned the first one because I thought it had a hardware fault, but the new one is exactly the same.

    As I've said below, I think this is an Apple issue, and I wish the app developers would come clean so we can go back to Apple and demand some answers.

  • Interesting, i did 14 runs in nov. using the runkeeper app and everytime the app did record HR and GPS correctly. I NEVER had any issues starting or stopping a run. Thats why i called it "rock steady". I gave up on using strava for the moment cause the last few beta releases seem more broken then in the beginning. I don't want to make this to a discussion about third party apps but i think the problems are more difficult to isolate. For example i know about people who still don't know that it is NOT POSSIBLE to start apples workout app AND rund a second training app like strava or runkeeper or whatever. So this leads to a lot of issues where people don't get any data and thinking the app is the problem but it's not really the app but the design of apples health kit data streaming data to exactly ONE app at a time. Another think is at least in my region it is getting more and more cold, HR monitoring like the apple watch do will bring up a lot of HR drops when weather is getting colder and the sensor has more problems getting a pulse.

  • For me Runkeeper is fine starting off - I stopped using Runtastic because it would dither around for five to ten minutes before deciding to actually start. When I finish though, I get to the 'Well Done" screen and then it goes back to the start screen. The phone says it's still recording. Then I have to wait between ten minutes and half an hour before it finally decides to upload (or not) the activity.

    What I do notice is that the Health app seems to be much better at recording health data when there isn't a third party app running at the same time.

    As a matter of interest: what Iphone do you have? Mine's a 5s 64gb.

  • Hey James, just curious:

    Why do you want to stop using your TICKR? Very honestly I'll echo the general sentiment here: I bought the watch MAINLY for fitness. WatchOS1 was disappointing but big hopes in WatchOS2 for allegedly huge speed improvements and HR support for 3rd parties. It's been more than 2 MONTHS now and nobody besides Runkeeper got anything out. You've got to wonder why! I can't figure out if it's just because the stats are bad (user base too small so not worth dev effort) or just the SDK is unusable and experience would be sub par. My gut tells me it's a bit of both.

    Because that brings me to point #2: WatchOS2 didn't make that watch great. It's still slow, and when I use Apple's own fitness app on the watch to measure HR, not a ride goes by without having it lose my heart beat for 5-7 minutes at a time before "locking in" on me again. Super frustrating because of course it's when I push myself and want to see how high my HR is that it fails on me... PLUS, I still use that manual trick of merging the 2 workouts (see my previous post Aug 4) to get a Strava workout with GPS and heart rate, which is a bit manual and time consuming.

    So I'm just wondering what's wrong about the TICKR chest band because it certainly is in my Xmas gift list at this point. I'm looking forward to using a tool that just works. Consistently and easily. Funny... That's what I used to say about Apple :-(

  • Strava v4.9 is now available for download. It includes the public release of Strava for Apple Watch OS2, which includes heart rate functionality. Please install v.4.9 from the App Store here.

    Thank you!
  • @Jeremy: Kudos for the heads up on the new version. I'm looking forward to giving it a try tomorrow.

    Now that the app is able to read heart rate from the watch sensor, can you share any plans for supporting the watch accelerometer as well? There have been a few comments in this thread asking about that support and, as far as I can tell, no definitive response from Strava. FWIW, I'd also love to be able to run without carrying my phone as well as indoor track or treadmill sessions when the weather's really ugly. I realize having GPS data is pretty core to Strava, so it would be understandable (though disappointing) if Strava didn't plan on supporting the accelerometer.

  • Heads up folks: Before the watch app can access the watch's heart rate data, you have to give the iPhone app permission to read data (specifically heart rate) from the Apple Health app (i.e. HealthKit). I'm not sure of the different ways to enable this, but in my case I started a workout in the watch app and the iPhone app popped up a dialog asking for the permission. Since I didn't bother looking at my iPhone until after the workout was done, I missed the dialog and didn't get any heart rate data. This is definitely counter-intuitive, but I suspect it's a bit out of Strava's control.

  • I've enabled strava to Read the heart rate data in the Health app, but none of the HR data is making it through to Strava. All I get is the generic "Why monitor your heart rate" on the HR bit on the app.

  • It's working! I've been able to do a run and see the heart rate data on the app, on the web and also on a third party app that gets the data from HealthKit.

    Now the only problem is the watch's heart rate sensor doesn't work very well - it loses my rate for periods of time and sometimes significantly under reports my heart rate.

  • I'm using v4.9 on an iPhone 6 (iOS 9.1) and an Apple Watch Sport with Watch OS2.

    Heartrate features on the watch work and are successfully captured to both Strava and the Apple Health app. I am frustrated however that the "Walking + Running Distance" and "Active Energy" cards in the Health app are getting duplicate (sometimes three or four fold, or more) entries attributed to Strava (there's a little orange icon for the attribution). So, if anything it looks like I'm going further and burning more calories than I actually am.

    Also curious, in the App Store screenshots for the watch, there is one that shows Split Time, and another that shows Average Speed/Pace. Do these toggle automatically, or can I select by tapping the watch somehow? Is there a Current Speed/Pace view?


  • Paul - you may have to tighten the band further, if you can. We've found that the tighter the Watch band is, the better readings we get. The HRM on the Watch itself still doesn't sample at a very fast pace, so it won't be as accurate as a dedicated HR strap, but it should at least be consistent.

  • @Ben Tsui: FWIW, I see the same problem with duplicate entries in Health. As you note, sometimes as many as four copies of the same workout. Also, I noticed that for any particular workout some of the entries have 0 calories, while others have a non-zero calorie count. I think the issue of duplicate health workouts pre-dates the watch app, as I'm pretty sure I saw it quite often even before the watch was released. Possibly something funky happens when the iOS app syncs with the Strava servers.

    I have no reason to doubt anyone that claims the problem is that HealthKit is a pain to work with, but still, Strava doesn't quite have it's act together on the app.

  • Hello STRAVA-Team and -community,

    is it possible to use my reliable quest heart rate sensor (instead of apple watch sensor) and show the heart rate on my Apple Watch screen during running?

    I really hope this is possible! If not, please add this essential feature as soon as possible.

  • Stephen - There are no plans to use the Watch's accelerometer. If you wish to record with your phone, it's better to just use Apple's Workout app if they want to run and then record a manual entry in Strava.

  • Stephen - you may want to check out Wahoo's RunFit app which allows you to run with the AW only and then upload the data to Strava.   Disclaimer ... it has a few bugs, but I have used a few times and it works OK for the most part.  The auto-export to Strava works great, and avoids the need to record a manual entry into Strava.

  • Hmm. My first try with new app wasn't so successful.

    Deleted the app from my watch, reinstalled. Started the activity from the circled bike image. It looked like it was starting. Two kilometres later I looked and it was waiting for me to agree to allow Strava to collect my data. Pressed ok. It then looked like it was recording.

    Got home. Ended the activity, which went through the usual 'done' screen.

    The Strava app on my watch now has a heart rate icon in continual draw mode and a zero. The phone says 'Upload Finished with errors' (which seems to be a permanent feature on the Strava app). And there's no sign of the activity on my feed.

  • Hi, will we be able to use strava toward the activity rings soon too?.
  • Danno - Only activities recorded with the Apple Activity App register in the activity rings.

  • Jeremy, thanks for your work. Would you lay out the directions for going on a run or ride? I'm all paired up and it's working great. I'm just not clear on:
    1) does wifi need to be off?
    2) open health, open strava on iPhone, open strava on watch, start and stop with watch? (That's the sequence I use but is it necessarily the right way? Can I start and stop with the phone?)
    3) does answering a phone call still stop the HR from recording to Strava?
    4) I'm a premier member and the live segments don't seem to work when I start my ride that way (see number 2),,,?
  • Hi, thanks Jeremy. When ios2 was announced in sure Apple said third party apps would be able to count toward activity rings?. Using strava and Apple running tonight really drained my battery was down to 1% after commuting home and normally I'm still on 30% by bed. Will have to keep an eye open.
  • Dave - Happy to clarify. 

    1. Wifi does not need to be turned off, but we recommend it because the Watch will default to Wifi when it's available. For example, if you pass a business with free Wifi, the Watch could try to switch from Bluetooth to Wifi and thus stop your recording. We recommend turning off Wifi in favor of just Bluetooth.

    2. To record a new activity:

    1. Open the Strava app on the Apple Watch.
    2. Press the shoe icon (You can force touch the shoe to switch the sport type to cycling).
    3. The watch face will say "recording" at the top of the screen and you'll see the timer running.
    4. You can tap the watch face to pause the activity.

    Please reference this video for instructions on how to pair your phone with the watch. There is no need to go through the sequence you mentioned.

    3. Interacting with another app or glance prevents any app with active workout session from appearing on wrist raise. If you have to take a call during a ride, open the Camera app, or go to the clock face, realize that Strava will no longer appear when you raise your wrist. Since the Strava Watch app only receives heart rate samples from HealthKit when the UI is visible, you'll need to tap the Strava icon on your watch home screen and then Stop and Finish the activity to ensure the heart rate data is sent to the iPhone.

    4. As a Premium member, you won't be notified of the start of segments or any during-segment live tracking. However, the Watch should alert you when you've finished a starred or popular segment. Please note that in order for live segment notifications to appear on the Watch, your iPhone must be locked and you must have “Mirror notifications” enabled for Strava in the iPhone’s Watch app under Notifications. As long as “Notification Privacy” is not turned on in the iPhone’s Watch app under Notifications then the notifications should show.…as long as the Watch is on your wrist.

    Does that help?


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