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    Thank you everyone for all of your comments these past two years on the first version of Strava for Apple Watch.

    We have just released an update to the Strava app for Apple Watch, specifically supporting the series 2 built-in GPS. We look forward to hearing your feedback about the updated app in our new community discussion

    This post is now closed to comments, but the feedback shared here will remain active. Thank you. 

  • This question/request is a bit backwards but this thread seemed the most relevant place to ask. Will Strava be supporting import of workouts from the iOS Health app? In other words, I'd be happy using the stock Apple Workouts app on my watch, but then I'd like to import the data into Strava. Now that iOS10/watchOS3 records GPS data for workouts, that would seem to offer the best of all worlds.

    There are 3rd-party semi-solutions such as RunGap, but AFAIK, RunGap doesn't (yet?) get the GPS data from Apple Health, so, e.g., all runs show up in Strava as treadmill.

  • apple watch restricts access to the heart rate sensor to its own fitness app which stores exercise days in HealthKit including fine grained samples for activities.

    I'm happy with the fields Fitness shows on the watch for simple runs and rides. Running with just my exerday watch is compelling. I'd really like to be able to pull my historical workout data from HealthKit and sync it up to Strava for more detailed analysis than apple provide in their fitness iPhone app.
  • I am also wondering whether you will be developing a version compatible with the Apple Watch Series 2 that will work without carrying a phone.  I have tried the Nike + app on my phone and the auto pause is a disaster.

  • Now that the Apple Watch Series 2 with Integrated GPS would like to know what Strava's plans are to support it, and the timing.  Seems like it would be great foe r the Strava brand to have a app that allowed you to run phone free with GPS.  Is an update to urilize the AW's integrated GPS in the pipeline?

  • With series 2 coming out and Watch OS3, would a complication be possible?


    so I would be able to tap on it on the watch face and insta-launch the app and I'm on my way?


    great app on phone and watch as is. Just an idea. 



  • Will it be possible to use the Strava with the I watch 2 without being connected to the iPhone? Iwatch has an integrated gps sensor, so when can I expect using strava without iPhone??

  • I wish I had the ability to reconfigure the fields that are displayed.

  • I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, as all/most of the main features seem to work as advertised. I can start/pause/stop workouts completely from the watch - no phone intervention necessary. I can also switch from running to biking, as well as get HR data and haptic feedback (e.g. every kilometre), all without undue stress to the watch battery - I've been on multi-hour rides or nordic skis, and the watch still lasts until I go to bed.

    Things I'd like to see:

    1) Customization of which fields are shown on watch face

    2) Writing of Strava data to the Apple iOS "Activity" app as a "workout"

    3) Lack of duplication of workout data in the Apple iOS  "Health" app - Over time, I find that previous workouts get cloned - sometimes many-fold - though I'm now seeing (knock on wood) better behaviour by resorting the priority of sources for a particular "data card" in the Health app

    4) On a larger scale, and not watch-specific, the ability to "choose your favourite three sports" (e.g. Run/Bike/Ski as opposed to Run/Bike/Swim).

    Otherwise, keep up the great work guys!!


  • The new Apple Watch (2) has GPS on board. I now want to use it with my iPhone at home. (Maybe it is already possible? I can't find any information about that.)

  • I agree with Roger, I hope someday Strava can pull historical data from my Healthkit and sync it up to Strava, so I can see my heart rate and all other data in Strava.

  • I have the following combination: 

    wahoo tickr and apple watch.

    Is by any chance a way to turn of HR detection on the apple watch?

    Since we have deep winter here and I am wearing the watch over my jackets, I don't want the watch to check for HR.

    Data from wahoo tickr was not recorded even though I was wearing it.

  • Hi Eric/Jeremy,


    Yesterday my first race (after a lot of trainings also with the beta versions) with the Strava App on Apple Watch and my iPhone in my backpocket.


    Worked out pretty well, besides 2 main remarks:

    1. Heartrate (see attached file) showed a few flat lines, but was not accurate for first 2 km's and last 4 km's. First 2 km's probably due to the cold weather, but the last 4 km's? Maybe because there was more wind the last 4 km's which made it feel colder?
    2. Haptic signal for every km on Strava doesn't work. I've checked all settings. What am I doing wrong?


    Can you help me to solve this?


    Best regards,



  • I'm using Strava on my Apple Watch paired with a Wahoo Tickr. The iOS app appears to be using the Wahoo for heart rate, but the watch app appears to be using the optical heart rate sensor on the watch. Is there any way to configure this or disable heart rate on the watch while using the Wahoo? This is the only thing keeping me from dumping my Garmin and strictly using Strava on my Apple Watch.



  • I'm running the latest firmware on both phone and watch. As I say I have had a few sessions where the heart rate was fully recorded then a bunch where it was ignored. Last ride it recorded it for half the journey then stopped.

    The full trace is there in the health app but Strava ignores it.
  • Hi all,


    I am having issues similar to others (e.g. Gert).

    I run with a Wahoo TIKR HR band. I've been using this combo (iPhone, Strava App and Wahoo) for nearly a couple of years with no issues. The moment I added the Apple Watch into the combo, I started having HR reporting issues.

    I have the impression Strava, when started from the Apple Watch, still keeps collecting HR data from the watch sensors. Which, BTW, are not as good as the HR band in my experience. I typically have wrong HR data for the first km. But recently (after resetting completely the watch after the last OS update) HR is completely screwed up.

    I did this test:

     - Run a 5K with Watch+iPhone, but removing the HR band (Wahoo). The HR data came from the watch and are completely wrong. The run can be seen here: 

    - Run a 10K using the complete combo (Apple Watch, Wahoo HR band, iPhone) and starting the App from the watch. The HR data are screwed up, please see here: 

     - Run a 10K not starting nor using the App on the watch (and check if I had any issue with the HR band, like batteries. All good as it used to be, data here: 

    I have to say this is very annoying. Very likely my Apple Watch is gonna fly in the trash bin and I am gonna revert back to my standard sport watch. A pity cause starting and stopping the activities from the watch can be handy. But I want to see reliable HR data reported to use it.

  • I continue to be massively frustrated by the inconsistency of the sync between the watch and the phone. 

    If I start my run or ride on my watch, then it starts the app on phone automatically. If I try it the other way around, the session does not start on the watch.

    When I am running and glance at my watch to see my pace times, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I am forced to go through several taps to get back to the app on the phone and even then, it shuts off after that instance.

    If I turn on Strava on my watch I want it to take precedence on the watch. Not have it disappear.

    Even when the watch shows data at a glance while running, this seems to change of it's own accord. I have had four hour runs/rides where the app stops functioning on the phone mid-session and I can't get the information I want because the touch screen doesn't work with sweat on my fingers. The app on the phone switches from showing pace for the last kilometre to showing the time.

    The app fails to pick up the heart rate data from the watch about 25% of the time, often only recording part of a session.

    The app on the watch looks like it is starting so I set off on my run or ride only to discover afterwards it turned itself off.

    FIX THE FUNCTIONALITY YOU HAVE STRAVA. Stop messing about with new functionality like Beacons until you have everything else working. Right now Strava on the Apple Watch is a huge disappointment.

  • Any chance Strava for Apple Watch will be able to tap into built-in GPS in Series 2 for swimming, biking, and running? Is it possible from a developer standpoint for any app that's *not* Apple's Workout app to use the watch's GPS capabilities?

  • I have had very little success using the Apple Watch with Strava.  Am I done?  Did it upload?  It tried to upload, but it does it with errors.  I"ve also noticed that I have to "sign in" on  my phone when I open up the app on my watch.  Why do I have to do that? I might as well just open up my phone and use it there.

    When I pause, I should just be able to finish.  Why the deep press to finish?  I know you can do  that, but it is necessary when you could just put two icons?  One to resume and one to finish?  Sometimes is asks me if I'm done after I "finish" and sometimes it just goes back to the cycling icon.

    What does the Mike with 3mi mean?  Did I cycle three mites already?  Is that my goal?

    I watched to attach a Google Drive folder with a video and more in depth stuff and I wasn't able to.  I've linked it here.

  • Jeremy Said: "the app does not yet work with Apple Watch’s on-wrist heart rate sensors"

    What is the timeline for addressing this? Thanks.

  • If you looking at the Heart Rate dashboard in Health App, you'll see a share option, and in there you can specify what apps can access that data set. However, currently there is no option to share this data with Strava. Sincerely hoping this is addressed quickly.

  • I also second the request to pull in heart rate data from Health Kit. It's an easy enough workaround to start both the Workout app and Strava at the same time until direct access to the HR sensor is exposed in a later version of the SDK.

    I also think it should take a force touch to pause the work out, perhaps then providing a menu with options to continue or end the workout. It's too easy to accidentally pause the work out when tapping the screen to wake it up, as I've found the wake on raise feature doesn't work too well while running.

    I've also found that although I only do running, that the activity has been set to cycling on the watch a few times, requiring me to toggle it back to running.

    Finally, the Log in to Strava on your iPhone issue is quite annoying, will be good to have that fixed.

  • Hello!  I just started using Strava with with my apple watch.  I am having problems keeping strava open to see my stats while I am running, it always goes back to the watch face.  While I have strava operating I would like it to show when I rotate my wrist.  Often it is the watch face that opens, then I have to go into the apps and click on Strava to see my stats; distance, pace, time etc.  Any advice would be appreciated!

  • I too can't get the heart rate to work. I had it recording my heart rate from Apple Watch for 2 or 3 rides, then it just stopped. Hasn't worked since. Even after restore by my iPhone from a backup and deleting strava and reinstalling. I can see the heart rate within Strava on the watch but it is not recorded within an activity on the phone.
  • While I find the Strava Apple Watch app very useful, it does drain a significant amount of battery life. It seems to be due to the always on heart sensor. I wish there was a way to turn it off. Just tracking my commute to work and back (8 miles total) uses nearly half of my watch battery. I also think when it its paused, it is still reading heart beat. 

  • When I record HR data in Strava Apple Watch I generally just get a handful different heart rates recorded on a hour workout(!) First I thought it was due to poor reading conditions for the sensor, but then I checked the Health app on the iPhone and there was an abundance of data! Up to 3 strong readings pr minute at the same time as the Strava app was reading 1 per 5-10 minutes!

    To sum things up:
    Why does the Health app have a lot of HR data, and the Strava app not? 

  • I was using the strava Apple Watch app as my go to on the watch mainly due to the callout on each lap with average and lap pace and a vibration to boot. So I suited up for a marathon this past weekend and apparently the lap callout is gone???  Or at least it didn't come up on any of my 26 miles. Not cool. Anyone??? 

  • One thing I would like to see is the ability to select other sports - in my case I cycle and kayak, so I use the run option when kayaking and then update the sport in the app afterwards... same issue applies to phone app I guess.

  • Agree with all of the comments that it would be far better to display the heart rate from a bluetooth HRM as the iphone app does rather than using apple watches cheesy heart rate monitor. Will this ever be a feature?

  • I have been beta tester for Apple Watch app and have appreciated the work and resultant success you guys have had, seems quite solid now. 

    What can I expect with external Bluetooth sensors with strava, and using the Apple Watch to start activities? 

    As the Apple Watch triggers the opening of the iPhone strava app - does this allow the iPhone to discover and pair with these external Bluetooth sensors? I have had no success so far with a new cadence sensor and it appears I will have to manually open the strava app on the phone first. 

    Comments? Should it work now or will it work in the future?

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