Suggested pacing on routes based on GAP

In order to achieve the fastest possible time on a route it is very important that you do not run/ride too fast on the up hills and too slow on downhills or vice versa. Strava already has a feature that shows a gradient adjusted pace. As most (in my experience) routes are loops then the overall gradient would be a net zero thus if you wanted to complete the route in an average of 07:45 minute miles for instance then when you create the route it should tell you how quick you should run every mile to get that time overall taking in to consideration the gradient of each mile. 



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  • Not sure I agree this would be that useful. It might be easy enough to implement though so I'm certainly not opposed to it being implemented. Wind and other factors will affect your pace/speed as much as gradient which is why power is becoming the standard for this kind of thing. If you use a power meter you can use FTP to go as fast as you can maintain on the entire course with no advanced planning other than knowing your FTP.

    For those without a power meter, heart rate can be used to maintain effort, and for those without HR you can learn how you feel for a given effort and maintain this.

    As I said, I'm not opposed to this and it might be nice to see from a purely interest point of view to see how "fast" a given route is without visiting first so as part of route planning it might be nice.

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  • Regard wind, temperature and so on, gps point, time and weather is accessible online. cant see any problem there. make Multidimentional analysis for premium users.

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