To see devices/bikes/shoes trends in Strava community.

If you look that Flickr, there is a page which reports camera trends based on photo tags.

I think Strava can also have same idea, because many of our activities are tagged with a device (Garmin xxx, or Suunto xxx), a bike, or a pair of shoes.

This feature will show the popularity, trends and potential of each model of equipment. For example, I will know which GPS watch is most popular recently. I will also see that I PB of half Marathon is 2:04:10 with Reebook Zigkick Trail shoes, while others can hit 1:05:10 with same pair of shoes!

I believe this feature will benefit everyone in the community.

It will be cool and fun for athletes. It can help us to make wise decision before buying gears like GPS, shoes, bike. Further data-mining will even be invaluable to both Strava company and all those equipment manufacturers.



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  • I just Googled "most popular shoe on Strava" and this page was the top post. I agree with the suggestion and also thought of Flickr's Camera Finder as a good equivalent. Strava knows what kind of shoes I have and how many KMs I've run on them. Would be great to see what other folks are doing with the same sneakers and also what sneakers are most popular.

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