HR Monitor on Apple Watch in Strava is crippling the Apple Watch.


I e-mailed support, but somehow they think this is asking for a new feature, which makes no sense.

Using Strava on Apple Watch when it first came out, was fine for me. It hardly affected battery life, which was a nice surprise. But ever sense the HR monitor functionality was added, it has crippled the Apple Watch. Even if I turn the HRM off in the app, it won't record or display it, but the HRM is still active the entire run. 

Running 10 miles, fine. But when I ran 28 miles Saturday, I had only 10% battery left in my watch (in just 4 hours). I have a 50 mile race in two weeks. I won't be able to use the watch, because it will die halfway through.

Very frustrating and disappointing. I'm assuming many others have this issue. Why is nothing being done? Does anyone know any tricks?




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  • Not even a comment from anyone at Strava. Figures... support has been subpar. Not sure why I would want to pay for Premium Strava.

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