Club Search and Sort Improvements

The Club search page:

has limited flexibility to help quickly find clubs that may be of interest.

I know it would be quite simple to improve the user experience by adding some or all of the following

Filter radio buttons, or drop down boxes for

  1. Membership = Invite Only, Public, All
  2. Last Activity = This Week, This Month, This Year
    or simply have a 'With Activity since = ': and date picker to choose date
  3. Number of Members = 1-10, 10-50, 50-200, 200+

Results Ordering
Give flexibility to order the results.  Add a column title and like features numerous websites with lists have, simple clicking on the column heading would allow sorting (Ascending) by that column.  Clicking again would reverse sort to Descending,.

This would allow simple sorting by:
- Location
- Number of members
- Type of club
- Last Activity (* see below)

Additional Field

Add additional field in results for 'Last Activity Date'
This helps people see what clubs have active members

These would all make the user experience of finding a club of interest more friendly






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    We've just released a revised Club search on mobile and web. Let us know what you think. 

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  • I've created a club but it isn't able to be found in the search. How do I search for it or get the link to invite people.

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