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I understand it's Instagrams decision to cut photo and ride syncing with Strava (which massively sucks) but is there an alternative app which performs the same duty?

I know I can upload my own photos to Strava, but it doesn't position the photos where on the ride I took them.

Any ideas?



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  • Sure it does show their positions!  example:

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  • That is just your entire route with whatever photo or photos you took on the day. It is not displaying the photos where you took them.

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  • If your camera doesn't record GPS coordinates it won't show on the map where you took them. You need to add GPS coordinates to the photo's Exif metadata before uploading them to Strava. There's GeoTagster in the App Store for OSX for instance. Strava could build this right into the site by looking at the image's timestamp and match it to your position at that time.

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