Why Live Segments is a huge disappointment for me [iOS]


recently, there was a 1 month free trial offered to me, so I decides to give it a try. I was mainly interested in the Live segments feature as it did not exist approx 4 years ago when I tried out the premium features.

I am sorry to say that, but it's a great idea with a terrible implementation and here is why.

1. I think I can say, that I am an above average cyclist, but with my 38 years, it's clear that I will not be able to compete with KOM times on 90% of the segments and in most of the cases not even with my own PRs. Hence, the current functionality of the Live segments is useless and in some cases demotivating. Few times, I noticed a 50% marker, but it is very easy to overlook it if you are like me and you keep your eyes on the road.

2. The UI is simple which is good, but the fact, that I am not able to see which segment I am currently on is confusing and frustrating. And there is very few information available about the current segment in general.

However, I think that there is a lot of potential in the 'Live Segment' feature which would make it interesting for a much wider population. Here are few ideas:

1. Compete against friend's PR (possibility to select one before or during a ride)

2. Compete against TOP 10%, 25%, 50% etc times

3. Compete against your average or worst time

4. Some information should be always available on the Live segment screen. E.g. the name and length of the segment, the average ascent and my current position as an absolute number out of a total number of participants or as a % range. E.g. if I am in TOP 5% then it should be visible.

5. It should be possible to select a specific segment if there are more then one overlapping segments (before or during a ride)

6. And for GOD's SAKE! Please enable map rotation! This feature request is there since I first registered on STRAVA back in 2012 or so! You are ignoring hundreds of posts and requests

Thank you for reading this!





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