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Good day fine people of Strava. With all the wonderful photography you have access to via the community at large, could you please find the time to update the pictures on the Strava login page? I feel like I've seen Dwight Schrute jogging for the better part of 2 years with no change. You gave a facelift to everything except to the first thing you see when typing in 


Thank you! 



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  • Touché

    I'll let our Marketing Team know to change it to another Office character. 

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  • Hi all, my Strava account is on a yearly subscription which was renewed 18th October 2018 , for over a year now you have been taking £5-99 from my account via i-tunes as well as my yearly subscription am i right in thinking i am being charged twice or is there a logical explanation for this. Please help

    Regards Allan Suthers  

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  • @Allan - I created a ticket from your comment and will follow-up with you through there. Be sure to check your email. Thanks! 

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  • Hello again
    Following my email from Tuesday no one has come back to me with any answers and today you’ve taken another £5-99 from me could someone please tell me what’s going on.
    Not very happy Allan

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