Strava Route Builder Beta

Many roads that show on Google maps and are bike routes do not show on Strava map.
I.E. Malselv Mountain Village in Troms Norway where stage 3 of the Actic Race of Norway finished.
The Village does not shownor does the road getting there.
I found this in other areas as well.



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  • Beta map is not working. Can't create, save or edit.


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  • Agree. I have to build my routes in RideWithGPS in order to create a route on a popular bike path in our city.  How can we get the maps updated to include bike paths? 


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  • Agree... RideWithGPS has a way better user experience.  STRAVA Route Builder has been in BETA for years!!! Longest beta test EVER!!! So frustrating. I originally signed up for STRAVA to track and map my rides. By now with heat maps and mapping capability's all over the web... This should be a top feature for all STRAVA users, and should integrate seamlessly when organizing group rides.  

    I've read plenty of Route Building forms here on STRAVA and haven't found a single one has been replied to by STRAVA.  I stopped my premium membership b/c I dont feel like they are investing back into what their users are asking for.  

    STRAVA, You have such a large platform you should be the leader in EVERYTHING when it comes to social mapping within this community. I love using it STRAVA, but would only pay a membership if you really separated yourself with premium features.  

    GPS mapping is a huge part of so many outdoor activity now. Hikes, Runs, Rides, MTB, Group Rides, and Exploring new locations. I hope to see STRAVA address this, but am loosing hope.


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  • I just downloaded a separate app yesterday that does this, only better. It’s called “Footpath”, although a subscription is required to be able to access more than just your last route. Strava should indeed provide this feature - I’m sure very many runners use some sort of route builder. However, you shouldn’t just be providing it as part of it’s gps run tracking functionality - they should be buildable and saveable by all. In terms of creating the route, you should be able to extend and edit a draft of the route but currently you have to start again. I couldn’t zoom in/out of the map while creating the route either. I want to be able to create an exact route myself rather than accept a rough one Strava chooses.

    In summary, a great idea showing some promise but more work to do.

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