End of Year video - average distance way, way off

According to the "Training Calendar", I logged 176 activities and 2754.9 km in 2018. So the average run was 15.65 km. However, the video at https://2018.strava.com shows an "Average Distance" of 5.2 km. All other metrics seem about fine, but this one is way, way off.

(I virtually never run less than 10k, usually 14-17k, so an average of 5.2k is simply impossible).





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  • Can confirm that. Mine's off by a factor of 3. If the goal is for athletes to share their YearInSport video, the number crunching has to be right. The curiosity in me had me check out the 2018 YearInSport. The incorrect math left it at that.

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