Do my private activities count on my annual total?

I've noticed that my cycle miles are showing as 30 for the year and know that I've done more than this, if my commutes are set to private does that mean my annual total miles and elevation stats aren't recorded for this private activities?


Do i need to make them public to add them to the year stats?



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  • Hi Dan, 

    Your private activities should count toward your annual total. Please try refreshing your stats and give it 24 hours to update. 

    You can refresh your stats from your profile page on the web. 


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  • Jeff

    No they don't. They do count for the mileage that is shown to your profile but other users do see less mileage without the private activities. 

    It is really sad that you guys can't implement an easy feature to let me decide whether I do not want a ride to be shown in other people's feed for my boring commute rides. It should be one additional entry in the database! I tried to make all those rides private but then it is not complete

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  • Hey there,

    just noticed the same. Since about a week all private activities do not count towards my annual total stats anymore.
    Is that supposed to be a new feature?!

    Edit: Refreshing my states solved that issue. So no reason to complain ;)

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