Strava Live Segments

Descents more than -.25% grade will no longer show up on Live Segments
Can you please ADVISE as to why Strava Road cycling athletes cannot download a live segment
of -1% or even -0.08%
So ridiculous.  I understand you safety concerns of removing the 'Descents more than -.25% but less than -.1% is beyond stupid.
Please tell me this is temporary.  If not, no reason to pay for summit.
Please advise


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  • I totaly agree with Angela! No reason to pay for Strava Summit if it dosent work! 



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  • I agree - as a mountain biker I will be cancelling my membership. 

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  • Strava has now, In my opinion, openly told us that they hate downhill, specially for mountain bikers. 

    Seems this app is purely for runners and roadies.

    Will be cancelling my "Summit" sh*t thanks to this

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