Normal power graph in activity analysis

Hi, is it possible to get a normal power graph in the analysis results of a ride (cycling)?

Currently elevation, speed and heart rate are normal graphs but power comes in this zone based column chart.

I would much rather have a normal graph where I can zoom in on and see max and averages over a section that I have highlighted.

Is that possible?



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  • Totally agree - the power graph seems to be missing and would be really useful to have. I think there are three levels of implementation.

    1. Just put in a graph if power vs distance to be on the same basis as the speed, elevation and heart rate graphs.

    2. Add a toggle like the web app to be able to switch the x axus from distance to time.

    3. Add functionality to be able to drag to select portions of the graph to get stats for the the selected portion and zoom in. See TrainingPeaks app for one possible implementation.

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  • you can found the answer on this site

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