Finding a 10K running route in a new place

Like many users on this forum, I use Strava when I go to a new place I travel to, to see if there are any interesting 10K routes/loops to run from the hotel.

I am really confused by the terminology I see on the forum. Public routes, public segments, activity search, Local...

First of all, I must say that "Local" does not apply because I don't go to the major cities listed in "Local".

I found heat maps to be a really good tool to see where most people are running.

Then, I want to see typical 10Ks that others have run. I turn to segment search / segment explore. Strange thing, I can only enter keywords, so if I type "north laughton valley park" it will return segments in the city called laughton, while I am searching in the city Milton Keynes. So I have to type "milton keynes north laughton valley park".

It is puzzling that I cannot do a simple search like: city = Milton Keynes, keyword = "North Laughton valley Park", distance = 5K+ Is there some sort of API that Srava offers that can do this kind of thing? Or maybe a 3rd party site exploiting Strava data?

If I use Segment explore, even if I un-zoom enough for 10Ks to fit on the map, Segment explore does not return the kind of 10K segments that I am looking for. It tends to return micro segments around 1K. I can't even sort the list by segment length.

To me there is room for improvement when searching routes to run in a new place I've never been before. Strava being supposedly one of the leaders for running apps with a large community, this is really surprising.

In the end, what works for me is heat maps + google maps to refine the route.Not ideal really, but does the job.




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  • I agree that Strava search functionality could improve. They need map/location based searches like Yelp/Airbnb.

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find 10K segments. Usually segmenta are shorter. You need 10K activities. 

    Whenever I travel, I do a basic search in the area. I look for popular segments and then click on that persons ride. This works better for biking since we tend to all ride the "best" routes the most, but you might have luck with runs. As a premium member, I can download their ride/run and then upload it as a course into my GPS device. Sometimes, I even run into the people while I'm out running the course, lol.

    I usually just go run, though. Pick a direction (N, E, S pr W) and explore the city.

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