Performance by Sex AND Age

Currently the strava app can show you how you rank by age category or sex category.  I would like to be able to see how I rank by age and sex.  So female 55 - 65 say ... when I look at rank by female I'm generally looking at much younger riders.  When I look at my rank on segments by my age group I'm generally looking at rank against men.  I realize that cross referencing by sex and age may create categories for females that are too small.  So maybe sex by a larger age category ... say over 50.  For women 50+ is generally post-menopausal.  It makes a difference ...


Thanks so much for listening.



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  • totally agree, surely this can be done Strava?


  • I agree as well, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Strava to care.  

  • You can do this sorting on the web version if you are a Summit member. You use the dropdown on the right above the results to select all, men, or women, and then on the lower left, you can select the age group you want to see.

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