Not getting Garmin heart rate data into Strava

I have purchased Summit through Strava and want to better analyze data collected through my Garmin watch (Forerunner 235). I've set up the relationship and can see my activities, but none of the heart rate information is available. I've set "health-related data" to "Access Allowed" and even tried downloading the TCX file, yet still, Strava doesn't see any HR information. Can anyone please help?



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  • I have the same issue. Its a recent problem but it is now not displaying heart rate on runs from the Summer... and it was definitely displaying heart rate data in July and September 2019.

    Heart rate data recorded on running activities is missing... but not just missing, runs that were displaying heart rate data earlier in the summer are now not showing data that was uploaded and displayed a little while ago.

    I've checked that the "hide heart rate data" box is unticked on the runs. Ive tried to upload duplicate .gpx files downloaded from Garmin but Strava wont allow the duplicate upload. The heart rate data is there on Garmin.

    Heart rate data for gym workouts and yoga is still displaying so its just running its suddenly gone AWOL for me. My heart rate on runs is recorded on a worn heart rate monitor, on workouts its just the Fenix watch recording heart rate... but that wouldnt explain why historic heart rate data that was being displayed just fine is now missing... its not how the data is being transfered to Strava (historical data isnt displaying data that was on Strava), its not my kit, its not settings malfunction...

    Looks like some kind of update (in the last month or so) to the way Strava displays of run has screwed up and needs fixing. I assume the heartrate data is still present unless its been deleted at Strava.
    Please give me my heart rate graph back Strava!!

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  • same issue

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  • Same issue using my Garmin 510. Stopped showing my heartrate in the last month.

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