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Hi Strava, 

I just bought a new Apple watch 5 this week because my Garmin forerunner 235 stopped working. Since I am a active runner I would like to receive as many data as possible during my runs.

I am trying to turn on split notifications on my apple watch, however I am failing big time. If I try to turn on this functionality on my watch I got the following notification: 
'Enable notifications on your iPhone. Go to settings> Strava and turn on notifications'. 

If I go to my settings on my iPhone 8 I turned on all the notifcations, however in the Strava application on my watch I still can't turn on my split notifications. Hope you could help me out!

Other question: will there be more functionalities in the future to modify the activity screen on your apple watch? 

Kind regards, 




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  • Same issue here. Did you find a solution to this yet?

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  • Also having the same issue !

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  • I fixed this by reinstalling the Strava app on my watch - on your phone open the watch app. In the “My Watch” tab scroll down to Strava and open it. Turn off “show app on Apple Watch”. This will uninstall it. Then turn it back on.

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  • Tim Ivett, I have just done what you did and up and running again. I had found that heart rate was coming up on my analysis and that I couldn't add splits.

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