Only Half ride recorded

I have just complete 30.6 Km ride in 1hr 24mins  average speed 22.6km/hr.  I know this because  the app told me when I finished and stopped.  However the upload to strava has only recorded 12.93km and 9.2km/hr.  It has stopped recording the route halfway round.  Not used this app much only 6th or 7th time out.  Is this a bug since the upgrade that occurred yesterday?




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  • Michael,

    This sounds like the problem that 3 of us reported about a month ago.

    Look for the issue called "Strava App on Motorola phone - issue on recording"

    Do you find that the ride is cut off when you maybe lost signal briefly, such as going though a tunnel or something?

    Sorry but we never got any response on how to fix it.

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