Changing recorded run type from outdoor to indoor

Yesterday I've had my first Indoor run for 3km on time. As it was my first run of that kind, I didn't know about the fact that I need to record it differently than just my usual "Run" type of workout.

When I've imported that data into Strava, it shows me totally broken stats for this run:

- ignoring all the recorded splits (~15)

- showing it's own 3 splits

- distance is 3.1km, but time is only 33seconds

- pace is also totally broken


All of my ios/applewatch applications are showing stats 100% properly, and only Strava breaks them.

Is there any way to change how Strava treats this workout, so it would ignore GPS data, and use other stats instead?

Or maybe it is possible to change Outdoor to Indoor run somehow?



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  • There is a 'Treadmill' tag you can use, which might help fix it.  :-/

    Otherwise you can manually enter the 'difference in time/distance' as a workout to log the distance and time at least for record keeping.   Which is what I do for most all treadmill or spinbike workouts (log workout on watch for the HR data)

    Otherwise could also try changing on Apple to 'indoor run' and then exporting... delete run in strava.... import new apple indoor run?   might help not sure if exporting is possible in apple.


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