Estimate FTP below 1 hour power in power curve

Recently I did a proper one hour ftp test and this result is reflected in my power curve. Despite this Strava estimates my FTP to be 11w lower, not a huge difference but pretty significant considering my FTP is quite low to begin with. I'd like to be able to use the estimated ftp in the future to set zones and track my progress but if it's off in what seems like a best case scenario I can't image it would be very accurate from normal training data. Is there any way to help this feature work more accurately? My power curve seems to have a pretty typical shape without any weird bumps or dips.


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  • Where is your power curve being shown? And are you using a power meter? 

    If you're not using a power meter, it's kind of hard from Strava to "accurately" rate your power.

    Also, are you looking at the 20 minute mark in the power curve, or the 1hr mark?

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  • My Estimated FTP was pretty wonky as well for a while, using a power meter on a spin bike.

    Recently have been doing some hour spin classes with high 30-40min avg watts... seemed pretty accurate and better.

    Then I did a proper 20min FTP test , good warmup w/a few surges, then power into a steady 20min Hard effort.  I had a good idea of a goal power, slight increase the last 10-8minutes maybe.   no final surge at the end just pretty steady.  I continued past 20 to 21 to hopefully 'push off the first minute of test' .  Then you use 95% of that 20' power.

    Strava's estimated FTP was right on what I calculated.   Likely Strava is looking for a 20-30min, above FTP effort (105-110%)... not a much less common  'Hour test' - being that its very unlikely that the avg rider can maintain their actual FTP for an hour in a normal situation!  Elite or Pro... in a race situation, goal race, family watching, perfect weather, exactly hour time trial... probably/maybe.

    Like Jay mentioned, need a power meter for the estimated FTP. Jay, Estimated FTP is shown on the website, under.... Training // Power Curve // select checkbox SHOW ESTIMATED FTP

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  • That's why I didn't see it, I don't have summit :)

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  • Sorry I didn't see you comment Jay, yeah I am using a power metre.

    I think your right about Strava really just caring about 20-30 minute power Nick, I just thought it would be smart enough to use real 1 hour power as a lower bound for the estimate. It's extremely likely the power most riders hav actually done for an hour is lower than their theoretical FTP like you say.

    Funnily enough I'm having the opposite issue now after a 20 minute climb out of the saddle. I held about 30 watts more than I can do on the flat and now estimated ftp has shot up 50 watts (no idea how Strava came up with that). Great for my ego but this is also my target power for 5-8 minutes intervals (on the flat).

    Guess estimated FTP (and the curve in general) is going to be basically useless for me.

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