Hi there Is there a way to upload steps from my TomTom runner 3 to Strava? I'm looking for a work around to get my steps from my runner 3 on the TomTom app to the Google fit app as there is about 4000 reps and 3 miles discrepancy. I know Strava works with both but doesn't seem to show walking as an activity. Can I get my daily steps and distances from my TomTom sports to Strava? Cheers, Chris


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  • I would also like to see this functionality please, to upload steps from the TomTom app to Strava. Tried all sorts of hacks but no luck. Seems like there are a number of other users from Google Fit requesting something similar, see image below:

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  • It seems there is demand for it, TomTom are unlikely to implement this as I think TomTom sports closed down. However, I did contact them and they said they have app developers still working on maintenance and they would forward my query on to them. This was in January.

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