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We have no good way to log an interval workout on Strava. Currently we have 3 options to log intervals:

1. Upload each interval separately.  Most accurate for Strava's analytics, but it clutters up your log quickly and your friends that use Strava will hate you.  If you did a 12x400m workout, uploading 12 activities will surely be annoying to any of your followers.

2. Upload the entire length of the interval session (rest and all) as 1 workout.  This captures the whole thing in 1 workout which prevents clutter, but now your analytics are going to be way off because your rest is part of the run, slowing down your average pace and making it very hard to look back 6 months later and see exactly how the workout went down.

3. Upload ONLY the invervals and/or manually add together the distance/time of your intervals as 1 workout, so you only upload 1 workout but it's only the fast bits, not bogged down by rest.  This gets rid of the problems from #2, but now the analytics will think you ran a god tier run rather than separate intervals.


Allow us to manually upload an Interval workout by adding "Interval" to the list of workout types when creating a manual activity.

When you select Interval from the dropdown, you would be presented with a list of blank text inputs and an "Add" button to add another one, indefinitely.  Each row could have a column for "Warmup, Cooldown, Interval", "Active Rest", "Rest", a column for distance, and a column for time. 

Behind the scenes, strava could track each interval as separate workouts and do their analytics based off that, so that it doesn't seem like you ran either ungodly slow (aka #2) nor ungodly fast (aka #3), while also grouping it on the front-end into a single workout to avoid bogging down your feed with a bunch of clutter.



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  • Wouldn't it be easier to (1) upload the whole workout; (2) have a 'Create interval' option where you could drag start and end points to define an interval (in much the same way as creating a segment)?

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  • Would be nice - but also pretty easy to put the workout in the title or description.  "Working on that speed! (12x400 @5:40/mi)" or "Lactarded (3x15' 6:50 / 3-4%)"  etc...  Makes a quick look through the Activity Log later easy.  shows the info quick for you on mouse over.  Along with the highlighted yellow for workout days.  Sure would be nice to have a 'speed/interval' activity that would be dark orange bubble... also!   Or different color outline?

    Also see a lot of people attach a screenshot their heart rate graph, or their Garmin Lap screen summary...etc.   

    But really its the details of a workout that matter, length and pace of recoveries, the grade of hill...etc all effect the day training effect/physio benefits.  Gotta click on workout, dig deeper and explore lap info...HR ....etc.  :-)


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