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As a Strava user I want to find all routes I have done of a specific distance so I can pick one to run again.

Feature allows a user to set a distance or duration of run and a search function will return all activities which match the desired criteria. The returned routes will allow the user to select one of their previous activities to complete again. 

Use Case - plan says I need to run 10 miles today

1. User selects 8-12 mile range and searches

2. Strava returns all runs completed between 8 and 10 miles (could narrow to in last year, 18 months, in a certain geographical location etc)

3. User selects previous activity to run again (nice to have - download gpx to follow)



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  • Agree!  Unfortunealty some of these features Garmin has had for a long time... almost like they have a handshake agreement to not step to far into the reporting (line/bar graphs for 4wk/6mo/12mo totals for distance/avg-pace/avg-HR, etc) and activities lists that Garmin has (very detailed by activity, selectable columns, sortable, date/distance/event-type selectable filters, etc)   :-/  

    There are a few things Strava does to present data well in an activity or logs... but so many very basic data options they DON"T... its weird!

    I have to imagine its to appease the people that make Strava really possible.... Garmin/Suunto/Wahoo???  

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