Temperature Analytic Missing from Garmin "Trail Run", but Present on "Run"

I am using a Garmin Tempe on my shoe paired with a Garmin Instinct watch to monitor the ambient temperature during my activities.  After completion of any activity, I have Garmin Connect upload the data to Strava.  I have used many of the built-in activities of the Instinct (Bike, run, hike, walk, etc.) and have always seen the temperature data displayed on the Strava analytics plot.  On my last activity, I selected "Trail Run" since I was running on trails at a local state park.  I was surprised to see that the temperature data was not displayed on Strava.  All other expected data was plotted (Heart rate, step cadence, and pace).  The temperature data was displayed in Garmin Connect, however.

Does Strava make a distinction between a Run and Trail Run activity and strip the temperature data?




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