Really like the MATCHED RIDES addition!!! But, a bigger comment about repetitive rides.

A compliment and a request - with respect to repetitive rides and segments.  The MATCHED RIDES feature is great!  And, I think it is a good incentive for motivating older subscribers to stay subscribers.  When you ride a route for years, the PRs and rankings of existing segments becomes static or if you become less fit, become pretty depressing because you never get even close to your history.  I am 63 and an active cyclist, and I largely ride the same rides, but my best times are 4-5 years ago.   Every so often, with a burst of energy, you can get back on your own leaderboard - so it can be rewarding.  But, for the most part, there's no movement whatsoever.  'Matched rides' deals with this repetitive problem - and I like it!

This next paragraph is an enhancement request...

There is a similar treatment for repetitive segments with Elevate that you should match!   I love Elevate for this specific feature.  For repetitive segments, it color codes your performance among all riders and you own history, and also shows you the difference in time and percent from your overall best and your best in the current year.  The first thing I do when I review my rides ( I only use my desktop browser ) is look at the colors to see how well I did.  Green is good - and the color then motivates me to look at the numbers.  I am sure you are familiar with what they have.  



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