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  • Improving "Bike" component section on the profile.

    I would like to have the possibility to add more fields when adding a components to a Bike in the profile section.

    By adding hours of usage and not just kilometres or milles I will be able to anticipate service periods for forks and shocks.

    By adding a field to put maximum number of miles before maintenance I'll be able to anticipate parts replacement, i.e. replace the chain when a certain number of miles is done.

    I would like to receive also alerts, if a put the chain can not go beyond 800 miles, I would like to receive an alert to change It. Or for example to re-fill tubeless sealant.

    Also I would like to include a link to the merchant where I acquired the latest component, so I just need to receive the alert, click on the link and buy a new component.

    Imagine also the possibility to connect to merchants offering good prices for certain components like chains, tyres, etc.

    You receive an alert of "100 miles to change the chain" and with the alert you also receive some offers from possible online bike shops.....



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  • Would Garmin Connect able to generate categories of middle distance best estimated effort for 400m, 800m, 1.5miles or allow runners to include PR at these categories?
    It is useful for track interval sessions.
    Would Garmin FR watches also include a new function such as lap time alarm?

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    Under Map > Routes Tab
    Current state: it's only possible to use auto generated routes. Strava shows the top 3 autogenerated routes based on user criteria (desired surface type, distance, etc).

    The autogenerated routes are helpful, but just because they use heat maps doesn't mean they consider a cohesive strategy to creating great routes.

    Future: I want to be able to search for specific routes that have been created by other Strava users (by title, description, tags / keywords, start location, popularity, user rating, distance, surface type, etc)

    Current state: it is not possible to provide feedback on Routes for other users

    Future State: I want to be able to provide a rating of routes so that uses in the Strava community can easily find the best local routes.

    It would be helpful for users to be able to rate (ex: give a star rating) on several aspects of each route, whether it's an autogenerated route or a manually created one.

    Aspects to rate routes on:
    --- Surface Quality (was it fresh paved or bumpy/rough?)
    --- Traffic (busy roads or quiet?)
    --- Flow/Continuity (was it stop and go with lots of intersections and lights, or was it continuous and uninterrupted? How many left/right turns impact this too)
    --- Scenery (does it go by popular landmarks, or enable nice views/ overlooks? Or is it boring?)
    --- Safety (were there hazards in the road? Aggressive drivers? On the other hand, was it a protected bike lane or dedicated bike path? There may be some opportunity to reduce redundancy between this and traffic, but they're not completely the same... Maybe traffic is a subset of safety?).
    Other ideas?

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  • The new "trail" activity type is great along with the dedicated map features.

    However, the Running goals (yearly) are now messed up because they don't count the trail runs anymore. Would be great to be able to decide whether they should be counted together (or not).

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  • Why not add "Sailing" as an activity?

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  • Kiedy będzie w końcu wersja w języku Polskim większość aplikancki nie ma z tym problemu ?!!!!!!!!!!!!1



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  • If you select the 'Time' map type you can see the direction of travel from the shade of orange which gradually gets darker.

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  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our forum changes. Over the last seven years our forum had grown unwieldy. Our small team struggled to engage with you on the 8000+ threads, which meant that we couldn't keep conversations on-topic or well-organized. Searching for a specific topic was difficult due to the clutter, which resulted in duplicated threads. Ultimately this forum change came down to us realizing we could do better, but that it would require us to start with a clean slate. We didn't take this decision lightly—we knew that you had taken your time to share your ideas over the years and we didn't want you to think we didn't care about your ideas. We audited our top forums before archiving them and will even keep this archive for our product teams to sift through over the next few weeks.


    This will be a collaboration between our employees and you, our community, so we invite you to share what's working and what's not in this thread. If there is a topic that you think warrants its own thread, please cast your vote here. We can't approve everything, and we do want to be thoughtful by adding threads at a sustainable pace, but we are here to listen and will take the time to read each new comment.


    We're committed to upholding our promise— we want to do a better job of providing you with feature updates, keeping you updated on our future plans, and answering your questions about our roadmap.


    You can read more about our reasoning for the change by visiting this Help Center announcement:

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