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  • Finding a 10K running route in a new place

    Like many users on this forum, I use Strava when I go to a new place I travel to, to see if there are any interesting 10K routes/loops to run from the hotel. I am really confused by the terminology...

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  • Live segments - Audio cue for the free user

    Hi, I am interested in hearing audio cues about the time it took me to complete my Favorite segments whenever my run matches one of my favorite segments. I am confused about what is for Premium use...

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  • Effort Comparison For Free Users

    What can I see for Effort Comparison with a basic Strava account (Not a summit member, no training pack) I just want to do Effort Comparison to compare 2 of my runs on the same segment (not necessa...

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  • Compare 2 of my runs on the same course

    All comparison features are only based on segments. I would like to compare 2 of my runs on the same course, second by second. I am being told the only way to do it is by opening 2 distinct browser...

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