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I want to be able to block my start time if my ride, why is this not an option? Also when you put pictures on this also shows the time!! I don't want people knowing a start time of my ride! Where is the privacy in this, a date will suffice. Can this be addressed asap otherwise as a premium user I will have to use another app. I have also seen loads of people want this please sort strava and hide start and photo times.



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    Your feedback has been noted and documented by our privacy team. Until then, you can make any activity private to hide the start time. Please review our other privacy features available currently, and reference this related discussion


  • I agree - this is an option I too want to see in Strava!

  • Same request here. Can't understand why you can't hide the start time of your activity. Not saying it should go completely but the option to hide should be available in the privacy settings. Some people may leave work early or ride/run on a lunch break which they might not want advertising to work colleagues/bosses.

    Please consider this for the next update


  • Agreed. I would prefer for people not to see the exact time I begin every ride. It'd be nice if starting time was optional and could be hidden.

  • I know I have spoken to loads of strava users last week and nearly all want this option and still after numerous threads and comments it still hasn't been done why?

  • I too want my start time to be hidden. As a female who runs very early in the morning sometimes, I don't want it advertising to the world !

  • Come on on strava you keep making changes but this most important one you don't do, and as the lady said previously it is also a safety issue please hide the start time or give an option surely it can't be to hard 

  • Still not done why?

  • @Strava 

    This is badly needed for obvious reasons. Can you you guys please at least make a NEW comment on it. This request dates back many years and in my view is more important than the enhanced privacy option. 

  • Strava it's very interesting that you are not doing anything about this. You have made it even worse now as people can see when I set off to ride as it says active friend to them this is so annoying!! Can I disable this I do not want people seeing when I'm riding and at what time!! A date will suffice why is there not an option or no one from strava commenting even though lots of people want this. When my premium runs out I will use another app as I'm fed up with comments about the time I ride etcetc.

  • Completely agree with all of the above. This should be a standard privacy feature. Please could you give us an update.
    Many thanks

  • This is seriously something that needs more attention from Strava.  There is no middle ground between totally private and totally open to the world.  For such a developed social media app, especially one that pushes a pay for premium membership, this is a big miss.  I've enjoyed the premium membership but because of not being able to set my time stamp private I find myself using Strava less and less and am considering ending my premium membership.  I've found myself using Garmin and Polar more and more as I have one of each device and both of them do better at privacy than Strava.  

  • Why are strava not sorting this how hard can it be absolutely no privacy at all! My premium runs out next month and I will not be staying unless this is done its ridiculous that everyucan see at what time I ride!

  • +1 - this has been what surely is a simple request for many years now, I have left my +1 on a thread dating back to Feb'14, a large volume of users and over 3 years with no real acknowledgement or pledge to offer improved privacy settings, poor show Strava :-( 

  • Strava, please implement the hide start time recommendation. This is a huge need for those who work at home or on the road and like to manage their tone effectively.

  • Seriously Strava!

    Can we at least have an idea if you're going to implement this feature oneday? This is the only reason why I keep other account like Garmin Connect. 


    I would go Premium for sure if you had this feature!

  • I've noticed that some of the people I follow on Strava have rides that *don't* show the start time, so I assumed it must be possible ... unless perhaps its only available for those who record their ride on a Garmin/Wahoo or similar and then upload to Strava. But anyway +1 for this feature - its a privacy showstopper

  • Agreed more prople that post it will happen...!!!

  • This is disappointing, dangerous (revealing patterns of activity) and needs to be fixed.

  • I know numerous women that have issues with start times of their activities.  They really dont want this posted.  Any chance this feature will be enabled?


  • This is disappointing that this is not being addressed. I have commented on similar threads and no movement is being made. I am considering canceling my account if this is not a feature in the near future.

  • Again, we want to hide de the ride time, not the activity. This is obviously a feature a lot of users would like. Please make this possible.

  • Over 3 years now Strava and nothing?  We are not asking to reinvent the App.  This is a simply request.

  • Nothing yet. what a shame!!!

  • wow - still nothing - very disappointing - I am also been waiting for ever for this update. 


  • Yup Strava, get with the program. Nobody needs to see start and finish times. 

  • @Elle Anderson

    Pleaee stop telling us we can keep activities private. We all know that. Give us an honest answer on what we are actually asking for.

    What is the real issue here? This request is at least 4 years old and Strava has added countless new features that are far more complex. This isn’t a matter of capability, this is a matter of desire. For some reason Strava does not WANT to add this feature.

    Their are countless reasons (privacy being supreme) to add this feature ASAP. Let’s go.

  • Has this still not been resolved? I feel like this should be very simple. I have had to delete my Strava app recently due to nosey co-workers and family members


  • Was this resolved with the new update that was released on 9/26/18. It has a lot of new privacy setting but I can not figure out how to turn of the time of my activity

  • Even though they improved some privacy settings, I don't think they made possible to hide the activity start time! It's really said. I was looking forward to it.

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