Map difference between web & mobile


Is it possible to show tracks & names on the android app like through a browser?

Below are screen grabs of the same ride from my phone & from my laptop browser (chrome). No tracks or track names show up on my mobile.

I just noticed the app is using Google maps & the web is using OpenStreetMap, Can I force the app to use OSM also? 



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    At this time, both our iOS and Android apps use the native maps APK that comes with the operating system. For Android, it's Google and for iOS it's Apple maps. We would love to see OSM across all platforms someday, but the work to do this is pretty intensive and has not yet been prioritized. 


  • For a few days, google map does not display any more on my wiko wax (android). There is no more background map litterally even after re-install. Any clew about this problem ?


  • For Hiking and MTB, google maps is very imprecise.

    OSM Is usefull also for the route


    Take care about this

  • I Hope it is updated now.

  • It's a real shame, OSM is far better than Google Maps for MTB, hiking, etc.

    Hope that not in a distant future this feature is implemented.


  • I would love to have an improved map for IOS such as OSM.  The native apple maps are poor.

  • this project provides osm using thr Google maps api. This could be a good start, to replace Google maps. It feels really weird that the map thumbnails provide more useful information then the interactive Google map.

  • please expand your business to china and fix GPS shift problem in china (which is solved by OSM)

  • Hey Strava, do you plan to use OpenStreetMaps in mobile Strava application? Google Maps is really poor for MTB and hiking.

  • I would like to add my request to get OSM on Android, google maps is just useless for anything off road.

  • Is there any news about this request? Strava has grown hugely, I believe you have the resources now to make this possible. Like those before me said, Google Maps is totally useless for MTB.

  • Since Runtastic Mountainbike Pro (with OSM support) is going to be stopped, I'm looking for the OSM integration in Strava. This is the only point for me to keep using Runtastic. Please integrate OSM as soon as possible. OSM is highly needed for non-asphalt-tracks.

  • Please support OSM, especially the open cycle map. OSM is the best map for planing and tracking off-road running- and biking tours. Since the changes at runtastic (web-features, MTB app, ...) I‘m thinking about to change strava. But I need OSM! Thanks

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