Add Support for ANT+ Shifting Profile

I'd like to request the ANT+ Shifting Profile be supported in the Strava ecosystem. At this point an ANT+ equipped device running the Strava App can not pair with a shifting profile device such as SRAM's Red eTAP.

Further, even if you did pair your ANT+ shifting profile device to a compatible logging device (i.e. Garmin 520) the shifting data is lost when you upload to Strava.

It would be great to be able to log shifting on a mobile device or other ANT+ device and have Strava recognize and display this data in the app or at least on the web.



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  • We definitely need this!
    that will be great to mining a lot of in our training. 

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  • Is the data even in the FIT file from the Garmin. Garmin don't display it

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  • Tommy,

       It depends on the device if it records it or not. I know Garmin 520 and some others record and display that data if it's paired with the eTAP group. I've dug through some FIT files and the data is, in fact, there.

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  • I would also be very interested in this! It'd be great to correlate power, cadence with gear ratio.

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  •   Dear Strava,

    please have a look at to get an idea how analysis of shifting could look like.

    kind regards,


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