Group Event Trophies?

We are putting on a multi-day, multi-route event in September.  We would like to have a 2 day, date specific event with 5 of our mountain bike trails. It would be great if a Strava group event would track the participants and give a virtual trophy for those that complete the challenge within the given dates. Any chance of that happening before September?  If it can't how just about a virtual trophy for our event? 



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  • Hello, I find your request reasonable and I hope there will be enough money and time to implement it into the system.


    BTW, recently I discovered the new Starva-conjoint project that even in beta-version stadium is a big promise to the future. Me and the guys from our biker's strava club have alerady tested it, but it was a total fiasco. I asked system developer/admin and got the answer, that their team of programmers had broken up and only one guy keeps doing the all job at the moment. That's why the SW bugs are resolved so slowly.

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