Why am I getting Kudos from people I don't know?

I'm starting to get kudos from people I don't know from places I've never been.  Did you change something that makes people want to give kudos to random people.

It's kind of weird.  Seems like what I want is only people I know who've asked to follow me to give me kudos.  I have no connection to these people so their kudo is not as meaningful to me.




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    Enhanced privacy prevents athletes who aren’t following you from seeing your activities on your profile page. It does not make all of your activities completely private. Your activities will still be publicly accessible by anyone with the activity link and can also be accessed from some challenges and segment leaderboards. However, it is still possible to make your activities hidden from all athletes that do not follow you.


    To allow only your followers to see your activities:

    • Enable Enhanced Privacy

    • Enable the setting for Hide from Segment and Challenge Leaderboards*


    *Note that applying this setting will cause those activities to be ineligible for segment trophies and prevent them from counting towards challenges. You can edit this setting for individual activities from the activity edit screen so they can count towards challenges and segments.

  • David,

    Same thing here.  The cynical part of me thinks its a foreign hacker plotting a GPS map of the world to take over America... :o)

    I think the real answer however is that if you join a group or a club, you will show up on the club feeds for a particular activity and members give kudos to the masses?

    Be interested of anyone else has opinions, but that is the best answer I have.  I have begun to leave groups to assure that my list is manageable.


    Hope this helps!  Trevor

  • I’m seeing the same thing.  Trevor’s reasoning on the clubs makes sense.  It may come down to “which” clubs.  I started seeing this Kudos sometime after I started doing virtual rides on FULGAZ and Zwift.  They have clubs I have joined, too.  Honestly, I don’t mind these kudos and have started following a few of these people back.  It’s sometimes interesting to see what they are doing “Cycling-wise” over in country xyz.

  • When you run with other people you see a lot all of the other Strava users who uploaded their data. After a race last month I started getting kudos from people I don’t know. I checked them out and sure enough, they had run the same race. Not sure why they follow/give me kudos - I’m not very fast!

  • Joining a Strava Club adds your activities to the club's feed. Other club members can view the feed and comment on and kudo your activities. 

    With Enhanced Privacy turned on, club members can still view, comment and kudo your activities. However, your activities will be hidden from non-members viewing the club.

    Keep in mind that your activities are still visible in public locations like the Flyby, group activity features, and segment, public club, and challenge leaderboards

  • I am getting kudos from females wearing lingerie with very inappropriate/explicit comments on their profile. It makes for a very tough conversation with the wife after I have been gone for three or four hours training and something like that happens right afterwards. The kudos disappear after a few hours, but does anyone know how I can report that to the Strava team?


  • Alex, we have a team dedicated to resolving this recent issue with spam profiles and clubs. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

  • Just so I understand, is a Strava challenge also a club for this purpose. So if I join say ‘Run a half marathon in March’ all others who have joined that challenge will see all my activities, not just half marathons I run?

  • I note the response from Elle in this thread regarding obscene profiles.... That was back on 05 March - the problem is clearly still occurring: it's just happened to me :(

    This is a serious enough issue that a clearer update from the Strava team and particularly a timeline to expected resolution would be helpful.

    In the meantime: perhaps an option to prevent Kudos being received from people you don't follow would be helpful?  (And, frankly, is probably a good idea anyway...) 

  • Is there a way to report/remove inappropriate comments?  Would rather not have a solicitation for sex from some random person remain on my activity.  Thanks!

  • And for the record, I have not signed up to any challenges or completed any official runs. I changed my privacy settings this afternoon so hoping. I will not be getting anymore unwanted kudos.

  • I keep getting this as well. It's the very reason I am not using this app. I should have the option to make my information private and the fact that the app doesn't let me leads me to believe they aren't concerned with the user privacy. Hence why a secret military location was revealed because of this app: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/28/fitness-tracking-app-gives-away-location-of-secret-us-army-bases

  • I have just this week started receiving the same type of inappropriate kudos that Alex describes. Is this problem being addressed? If not, I may need to lock down all of the privacy settings and exit from clubs... which would be unfortunate.

  • Same here. I'm getting Kudos from half naked women I don't know. Asking me to do things I don't know. What is there scam and make it stop.

  • Twice in 3 days now I’ve had kudos from women I don’t know, one with a particularly graphic profile statement. They appear to be gone now but is there anyway I can stop them in the first instance?

  • Just had kudos after a zwift ride from a random woman with a glam photo ; disappeared after an hour or so

  • I am getting kudos from females wearing lingerie with inappropriate/explicit comments as well. It has happened on my three last activities. Three different females for each activity with similar comments on their profile. Karlee Holloway, Gillian Baird and Aubrie Bush are the female accounts. They are not a part of any clubs that I follow. Turned off Flyover to see if that effects anything.

    Any other recommendation?

  • I’ve also got kudos from woman in lingerie and i don’t know them

    i don’t like that

    what can i do to delete this


    robert geesing

  • Does anyone know how to change the settings so that you can only get Kudos from individuals you  follow or from people in clubs you have joined? It is awkward getting home and having my 10 year old check out my workout and see Kudos from scantally clad females who clearly aren’t posting their past workouts! There needs to be a solution fairly quickly! 


  • Like others have said, a couple of days ago I got kudos, and a comment, from someone I know personally but who doesn't follow me (and I don't follow him).People have to request to follow me. I'm not a member of any club and don't take part in challenges. I've got Enhanced Privacy turned on. Surely someone who doesn't follow me shouldn't be able to do this?

  • I should have added to the above that he was a Flyby on that ride, but surely that shouldn't make any difference?

  • I can answer my own question now. The man who commented on my ride had indeed picked me up on flybys, but I am still surprised that someone can give kudos and  comment on the activity of someone they are not following. I like the flyby thing but am not sure if I want people on Strava who pass me to be able to see my activities in the same way someone who follows me can. In this case it didn't matter as I know the man, but I'll have to consider now whether to disable flybys.

  • I have now turned off the Strava Labs Flyby, which is a shame. I enjoyed seeing who I had passed on rides, but don't want them to be able to see everything on my profile when they're not people I have allowed to follow me.

  • It's just a kudos. Be happy. They're not stalking you. Don't overthink it. Or go private. Hardly the point though.

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