Mysterious line-breaks appearing in Activity Description

(In what section is this supposed to be? I can't seem to find the area for bug reports. )

When I add information in to the training notes section I like to put bits of information together by leaving open lines. I create these lines by pressing enter. No worries there.

However, if I save the workout after editing the notes, and then open it again, there are suddenly three open lines where there used to be one. If I save it and open it again, for what ever reason, then there are even more open lines.

If I just used Enter to start typing on a new line, then a single open line is created, which then goes into the domino effect previously described.

This makes the notes practically unreadable after having made edits, say three times.



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    Hi Otto - thanks for the report, this is a known issue already reported to our development team. I hope we can fix the added line spacing to our Activity Descriptions soon. 

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  • Yep, this is broken for months. Probably they don't use test cases...  :)))) + hyperlinks are not "clickable" through web interface, but on mobile app it works.

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  • Great to hear. Thank you for the reply.

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  • @Elle Anderson Just realized that this stupid bug is still not fixed. It is really so hard?

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  • @Elle Anderson: More than 4 months are gone and still without change. Really it would be better to focus to fix these annoying bugs instead of constantly adding all new features that nobody needs.

    As usual there is inconsistency across platforms - mobile app and web interface. This problem is present only on web interface.

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