Save me from accidentally stopping recording an activity

So you just biked your heart out, sped down hill and killed the flats of a segment, only to find that on the last stop, while fiddling with iPhone with your sweaty hands, you accidentally paused or stopped the activity.
Here's what I want:
Add setting: Allow Stealth-record to be turned on.

When on, if Strava sees that I paused or stopped, yet detects that I am continuing at about the same speed (ie I did not drive away...), it continues to record, and throws this message: "We noticed that your activity may have continued, and recorded it using Stealth-record for the past X. Did you mean to pause/stop activity after Y miles? What should we do with the stealth-recording?" Buttons: "Discard" (I meant to stop, but thank u) - "Integrate to activity". (Integrate the section you recorded after I pressed 'stop' into activity.
Boom!! Saved me from frustration. Thank u!



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  • Have recently had that happen to me. Very much in favour of this suggestion

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  • Genius! Just happened to me!

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  • yes happened to me yesterday. my iphone screen is playing up so a tap here registers sometimes a finger space left or right, so must have tapped pause by mistake. rode 15km at the end of a 160km epic and noticed distance hadn't gone up. cue aarrhgghhh

    the app can detect when you're moving, as it's got auto-pause etc so SURELY  when manually paused it can periodically check if you're moving again and either restart tracking/unpause a manual pause OR to avoid annoying people who want it paused have an open, like auto-pause, which allows you to toggle on, "unpausing a paused ride if movement detected"

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  • Fully support backup recording after the timer was manually stopped and motion detected.  When the activity is resumed OR saved, the app could ask if the backup needs to be inserted.  In case the user took other transportation during the break (car...), the answer would be NO.  In case the user took a break, and forgot to resume, the answer would be YES.  The function can be refined by giving the user the option to CROP the start of the backup recording, which would be when the motion detected is not part of the activity, e.g. walking around to get food or take photos.

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  • DEAR STRAVA! Please please please add this feature! 

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