Audio Announcement Suddenly Stop Working

Hi I've been using Strava on my iPhone 4S for several months and it works perfectly, until about 10 days ago, March 12th, when I was attending the DC RnR, I turned on Strava to keep track of my pace. But it didn't make any audible announcement. The good side is, this saved the battery and it was able to keep track of my 4 hours run.

I tried it this morning again, I checked and double-checked all the settings of "Audio Cues", everything was turned on.

Then I checked my phone, yep, it's not in vibrate mode. But it just wouldn't make any announcement. At one point I think I heard some very faint noise, not sure if that's the audio announcement or not.

The Audio Announcement works really well before March 12th. Just wonder why it would stop working all of sudden. 

Any suggestion/advice is appreciated.



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  • Guys 


    found it 


    hit the record button 


    setting in top left 


    audio cue 

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  • my iPhone 5s stopped receiving announcements a few months back for some reason.  

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  • It happened to me on my Android phone because I uninstalled "Google Text-to-speech Engine" when I decided to remove all apps I wasn't using anymore. After reinstalling that engine, everything went back to normal.

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