Missing yearly goals graphic

Since a few weeks the colored graphics in the yearly goals are missing. The yearly goal, and the line at which you now should be is there, but the colored bar, showing your actual distance done is missing.

This goes for both bicycle and running goals. Resetting did not help.



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  • Starting from today I have the same problem on the web dashboard. Where I stand in comparison to the yearly goal  was always a very useful information for me. Now there is only empty space. The explanation for goals on https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918687-Goals-on-Strava#yearly states that the goal should be there:

    Yearly Goals

    Where is this feature and how do I use yearly goals?

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  • Since midnight the yearly goal and all the other informations on the right column of the web dashboard are there again. Maybe it was some server maintenance.

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