Option to Start Training Calendar on a Sunday

Option to Start the Training Calendar under the "Training" tab on a Sunday as opposed to a monday



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  • YES! Who starts there week on a Monday? At least be like garmin and give us a choice to have the two match.

  • Please provide the option to start week on Sunday.

  • Not sure why we have to start on day 2 of the week, would like to start with day 1

  • Absolutely! Every other calendar starts the week on Sunday. This should be an option at the least.

  • Agreed - gotta have the Sunday start option!! Thanks!

  • All other calendar utilities I know of let you choose the starting day. Please give us the option.
  • Sunday -please!

  • Please!
  • Agreed! 

  • Still waiting on this one.

  • Please add this feature!

  • Please add this, the current method does not match calendar layout.
  • SUNDAY- please.

  • I will go Strava Premium when I can start my week on Sunday.

  • +1, either based on locale or user settings.

  • Even Garmin has this option in their online Garmin Connect system.

  • Could someone from Strava please add a comment and let us know if this feature is under consideration. It certainly would not be difficult - I could even lend you one of my developers if you need resources.

  • I am a premium member, why can't I start the week on the first day of the week?  Please provide an answer. Thanks

  • Starting on a Monday just feels wrong. I have 25 years of training diaries all starting on a Sunday. considering most people do their long run on a Sunday the extra miles gets the week off to a positive start, I know a lot of runners who have a rest day on Mondays - who wants to start their week with a rest day? Please consider making the day we start our week optional!  Thank you


    SUNDAY start, please!

  • I don't mind Monday start as an option, but as dictum it's a bit much.  Very difficult to understand this design decision. Nearly every calendar in the western world starts on Sunday.

    It's been 18 months since this request was first made. There has been no response or acknowledgement of the issue by Strava. How difficult can this be? I imagine that there are quite a few software engineers in this forum, who would be willing to come on board as contractors for a few days to make this happen. Russell Hughes explicitly offered (presumably free) resources to assist in the effort.

    Take a poll of the user base to see the real level of support for this -- the current thread is just the number of people who spent the time to find it and write comments.

  • @Richard M - what do you mean by "western world"? Calendars start on Monday in Europe, Oceania, South America, parts of Africa and most of Asia. US and Canada start their calendars on Sunday, but those two countries only account for 5% of the world's population. In addition, Monday being the first day of the week is an ISO standard.


    I don't mean to discredit the request, but I understand why Strava has Monday as the standard option :-)

  • OK, I stand (and pedal uphill) corrected. By "western world" I meant coastal segments of Washington, Oregon, and California (where Strava is HQ'd). :)

    I respect that Monday should be an option, possibly even the default option, depending on the distribution of the Strava population. Perhaps the default could be based on one's geolocation. :)

    The point of the request is that it is not an option; it is a mandate. Having the option would increase the happiness of a significant portion of the Strava population, at a relatively minor cost, and with no degradation for those who prefer Monday.

  • Sunday please!

  • Sunday please!

  • sunday please!!

  • Sunday is the beginning of my week.

  • please

  • Monday would normally be regarded as the start of the week where I live. The key point, however, is that regardless of the convention followed by one's country of residence, athletes do not necessarily align the start of their 'micro-cycle' with the conventional start of the week. Bizarre as it might sound, I'd actually choose Tuesday if I could! For this reason, I think it should be possible to choose an arbitrary day of the week as the first. 

  • SUNDAY!!

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