Set Goals based on Elevation gained

I'd love to be able to set a weekly elevation goal. Possible?

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  • Totally agree.  100 flat miles is a lot different than 100 miles with lots of climbing.  It would be really cool if I could create a goal that was based on some formula that included both miles and feet climbed.  Or suffer points, or...

  • I would like to set a goal for the entire year.  Like I would to hit 200,000 feet of climbing in 2014.  Watch it tick away through the days and weeks toward my goal.

  • I agree with the Elevation gained. A challenge similar to prove it. Or festive 500. but for climbing meters. A set total elevation goal in a month or 2 weeks ect.  it would inspire the mountain goats to come out and graze more. 

  • Yes would be good to add elevation gain goal to the current weekly distance or time goal option. Would be better to not have to choose just one for your weekly goal but have the option of choosing the whole three if you want. You can then set your weekly distance, time and elevation goal.    

  • And please add the possibility to manually enter distance for stationary. You still don't need to include those metrics in the Challenges.

  • It's not a goal, but the new Training Log feature goes a long way to fulfilling my needs for elevation tracking. In fact, it's much more comprehensive than a goal. Nice job Strava. :-)

  • The training log is good for distance and time as if you achieve your weekly goal  the log will have the goal highlighted in red for the week displayed which you can see at a glance and you can change the view to see how far you went over/under for that week.

    Depending on the time of year/season and my other commitments outside cycling my weekly goals will change regularly so when  it appears red on the training log I have achieved my set goal for that week. Just a pity I can not set an elevation goal or combination or goals.  

    Andrew I also use which will on the summary page gives you a more deeper breakdown log of you activities. If you ride a number of bikes can display log for all or individual bikes. Also option of displaying day/week/month and can compare e.g. Jan 2014 to Jan in previous years for your for your time/distance/elevation/speed/PRs

  • It would be great to be able to set long term goals and track them. Also would be great to set elevation goals.

  • I would love an elevation-based goal as well. While the training log lets you see your weekly achievement, it would be nice to be able to set a goal and easily check your progress. Sometimes it's best to just go out attacking hills and you end up with next to no miles completed but your ascent figure is what you aim for.

  • YES please include climbing goals!

    How about a score: the more climbing metres per kilometre the bigger the score ?

  • Add my vote in favor of climbing goals. I care a lot more about vertical than miles or time.

  • Yes, exactly what I am looking for, weekly climbing goals, which is also the theme of this thread too...

  • Climbing Goals would be awesome.  Even a weekly tracker would be nice.  Please put it up Strava.

  • Add my vote in favor of climbing goals.

  • Yes please!  

  • YES PLEASE! Seems straight-forward to add this type of goal but I'm not a developer for Strava ;-). Liking the concept of an annual or otherwise long term goal too. I'm working on a long term goal myself and have resorted to maintaining a spreadsheet manually. Considering writing an app for this given my own needs. Should I bother or is there any life coming to this idea from Strava?

  • I'd love to see elevation goals, surely can't be that difficult to implement.

    Would also like to be able to set monthly and annual goals.

    How about a custom goal where you set the metric and time period yourself?



  • I would also love to be able to set elevation goals. Surely this would be pretty easy to implement?

    In fact, elevation is the most important goal for me and my friends - as our training focuses on hill climbing. I would like to use metres (metric) but the option to have either metres or feet would be useful. It would be great if we could set elevation goals and time period (I prefer weekly and monthly) - especially as there is now a Strava hill climbing challenge.

    I've just started using Strava and find it great so far. Thanks! It would be almost perfect if I could set elevation goals ... :-)

  • I would also love to have this feature implemented.

    I'm training for TNF100 and some of my weekly training sessions are more focused on meters climbed rather than distance, so a goal focused on elevation would be awesome!!

  • I agree, an elevation target would be a huge training tool.  Using Strava as an analysis tool I know I can do the miles but need to work on the climbing, a visual target each week would help with the motivation to get off the 'usual' routes and find more hills. 

  • My vote - yes please to elevation goal

  • Strava - Seeing as many of your 'Challenges' are elevation based, including an elevation goal function would help keep track of progress toward achieving the challenge.  Please add this.

  • Please add this feature - so many of us in mountain biking only care about elevation feet for goal....

  • unreal that this can't be done.

    also, no way to set a TIME (eg, hours biked) goal for a year or month

    and no way to track monthly or year climbing, time or mileage.

    all these things already exist somewhere in Strava just turn them on -- how hard can that be?

  • Agreed. With the monthly climbing challenges, it would make sense to be able to set elevation as a weekly goal.


    Also, monthly goals would be useful.

  • Yes please add this feature -seems to me that for many of us the 'height' workout is better than a 'distance' workout. Would really save me doing hard sums in my head while riding. Thanks.
  • Coming up on the two year anniversary of this thread... sigh. 

  • I see Strava is now pushing annual goals - my only annual goals are elevation based - can we please have elevation goals??

  • Hi i want to make a climbing goal for 2016 of 100,000 meters. Unfortunatly even premium account doesnt have this option which means for me that i dont have a reason to buy premium. Things like climbing in cycling are really important, just as important as distance and speed. A real pity strava doesnt have the option. Please let me know asap if you are planning on adding it!!!
  • Hello Strava!  I just set an annual goal for vertical feet in 2016, and bummed it isn't an option for annual goals.   I road bike and mountain bike.   A distance goal favors the road bike, but vertical is a metric that seems about equally good for either bike.   I am happy to beta test this feature!

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