Choose custom radius for the Privacy Zone

Some time ago it was possible to adjust the size (radius) of the privacy zone, but at some point that feature was lost. Please bring it back. For circular rides that leave in one direction and return in the other, the current circle is so small as to allow almost exact pin-pointing.



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  • +1 As others have said, My house sits between some great segments. The ability to define my own privacy area would be great.

  • +1 Sorely needed
  • The current 1km radius is just too high... In my case would only need around 300 to 500 meters... Would be possible to customize radius size please?

  • We still need this. Here in Wales we're being targetted by thieves using GPS data.


  • »Just as an FYI, you can enter a latitude/longitude coordinate in the box where you enter an address. This is helpful to set the center of the zone exactly where you would like it.

    That would be a workaround. I tried it and entered a GPS coordinate in sea (live near the ocean), but Strava assumed the nearest land point, and the problem remained... maybe a bug in the GPS coordinates input in Privacy Zone?

  • +1 for me!

    I have some segments very close to my house that I want to be able to use, but at the same time not give away my address. Therefore being able to set a smaller radius that is offset (but obviously covering) my address would be perfect. The current radius is too big. I attempted to find an alternate address that would cover my address and not the segments but was unable to. For those that live in heavily built up areas with multiple access roads the radius doesn't need to be very big to hide the location of the property within 10s or 100s of others.

  • It seems that a fully customisable privacy zone would solve most people's issues. Shape, size and location.
    It may also be worth adding some randomisation to the exact location of the zone to prevent people from being able to work out your exact location from looking at several rides.
  • Come on Strava, we still need this.

  • I followed the recommendation earlier in the thread to set multiple locations -- and it does work. Wrote about it here:


  • I always use the option to crop a ride.  At least I always try to remember to.  A customisable security zone would be a great idea.  I don't want to give my exact location to Strava either.

  • Multiple privacy zones used to not do what the people mentioning it here thinks it does: when I last tested it, only one privacy zone got applied to a GPS track's start and end. Consequently I don't trust that this has been changed, until I've seen a proper demonstration of this belief. John Montgomery's privacy also isn't as good as he thinks. (I've contacted him about this.)

  • Hugo brings up a good point about what a privacy zone is, because I agree people misunderstand what it is. Privacy zones are meant to mask the beginning and end of your ride/run -- not arbitrary points during your activity. That being said, it's pretty clearly spelled out in the preferences:

    Enter a location below to have it hidden on your activity maps. If your activity starts or ends within a 500m-1km radius of the address, the start and/or end of the activity will be hidden from other users.

    That being said, the ride Hugo let me know about was supposed to be private, but it wasn' thank you very much for the heads up. When I did this ride, I didn't know about the trim functionality. :)

    Thank youl


    Privacy zones still getting national media attention... Please can we have this feature? :(

  • To be honest, my main concern is Flyby. In conjunction with an account with no or lacklustre privacy zones you can be targeted when someone with the app running sees you and your lovely bike pass by. Make a notes of where you were and check flyby for your route:

  • I'm living in a small housing estate. Many segments starting finishing near my house. I would like to reduce my diameter !

    Adding a diameter adjustment will permit user to get a good balance in between privacy and segments tracking.


  • At the moment, the privacy zone no matter how I set it, by postcode, but full address takes out half of Swansea. It's making the use of segments very difficult unless I leave the city. The radius used to be smaller, but when trying to add more privacy zones, they were appearing quite large, so I cleared them all out and started again. Sadly the old smaller radius would not return and now segments I was trying to challenge and one of my favourite segments on a really harsh gradient are now impossible.


    Hugo's revelations are quite worrying too.

  • I think there could even be the option for the privacy zone to work differently by having the option for your privacy zone to protect you from people not on your friends list.

    For example, Privacy Zone setting which allows you to specify who can see the route you took (such as private, friends only, friends of friends, public). Say you select Friends only, it should still allow you to show up on segments that you've done. This means it only shows you starting and finishing on that segment and not the whole route. Obviously if you choose public it shows your whole route and segment, but the other options are more protection but still allows you the freedom to go on segments within your privacy zone.

    Hope this made sense.

  • +1 for custom radius/range, strava default is too high 

  • I need this feature. Why? Because I live near a popular segment and setting a meaningless huge privacy zone makes Strava useless.

  • Please bring back the adjustable private zone !!

  • Yes this would be great, instead of trying to set random addresses near where I actually want the circle to be, just so the circle doesn't touch nearby segments.

  • It would be interesting to see for running activities which are at least partially in the privacy zone, what fraction of the potential segment matches are suppressed by the present zone.  I think that number is likely quite high.  For example, if the zone is 1.0 km, then for runs starting and finishing at the zone center, at least 2.0 km of the run (practically more since most run routes aren't perfectly straight, for example up to 1.4 km if running diagonally along rectangular blocks) is within the privacy zone, and if an average segment is 500 meters long, then the segment would need to start at least that distance from the start.  As a result, segments associated with approximately 3 km of the run would be lost.  If the average run is 6 km, that's 50%.

    I think Strava should bite the bullet here and allow for arbitrarily shaped privacy zones.   Yeah -- this requires another GUI operation, and a bit more complex a calculation, but it's worth it.  Draw a box, draw a triangle, draw a decagon if you want, but this allows me to thread the privacy zone between nearby segments as I wish, and there's no way anyone can guess from that where I live by charting a zone center, which at present can be done with simple geometry using just one activity as long as I leave and arrive from separate directions (draw a 1 km circle around the apparent start and finish point: they should be tangent at the "home" point). 


  • I feel like I'm missing something regarding the inability to take part in segments which are within a privacy zone. It seems as though the main reason for the privacy zone is to hide the specific location where we live/work/play on a regular basis. At least that seems to be the case. Strava could keep track of us taking part in various segments -- without revealing that we started or ended our ride at a specific location. I suppose some segments would start/end at the same place...but it seems as though there could be a balance...

    Again...I'm probably missing something...but thought I'd ask.

  • Suppose I live on a long straight road.  If the viewer can't tell where within a 2 km diameter (1 km radius) privacy zone on this street, but then he can see I rode a segment which extended 1.5 km along that zone, he can conclude I live in the 0.5 km remaining.  But for this to be true I'd need to have set the privacy zone off-center from my "home", otherwise the viewer could have figured out where I live simply by going 1.0 km down the road from where the zone ends.   So I agree with you that the way it's presently implemented including segments which are within the zone really wouldn't give away much, if anything: the privacy radius is rather ineffective anyway.

  • Still no news?

  • I would also like to have an adjustable privacy zone.
    Where I live I have some segment which I am trying to improve my result on and today they are with the privacy zone it is designed today.

    Unfortunately there are no suitable other address to use so my home address is within the privacy zone and the segments outside the privacy zone.

    For my own it a radius for ~100m enough.

  • Thanks for all the great feedback and comments here. Know that we take our privacy features on Strava seriously. We are compiling your feedback to add to our discussion around improving our privacy settings, scheduled for late this spring/summer. Thanks for your patience! 

  • Danielle Connelly: indeed, polygons would be fine, I've thought about that as well. Not so much of a problem here in loosely habitated and non-griddy streets, but I was thinking more about big cities in US.

    For running the segments near privacy zone sound problematic, as you have limited time/distance to use for wandering around. But when riding, just ride out of the zone in the beginning and get back. When finishing, ride all the way through the privacy zone (bypass your home) one extra time before getting back and all the segments should be accepted.

    The help doesn't say this clearly: segments inside the privacy zone ARE counted, just not when you're starting or finishing the activity (and have the privazy zone set there). See, the trace cannot be cut in the middle of the course, it's just cropped in the ends. A friend just asked how he got a segment result, though it's inside his zone.


  • I have just spent a VERY frustrating half hour trying to tweak my privacy zone settings using Latitude and Longitude, as per Strava's suggestion. While it is true to say that these can be used instead of a postal code, what is not mentioned is how the site then takes that 6 decimal place number and FUDGES it terribly. I was trying to get a privacy zone that included my house, but was offset slightly so that many of my old routes & segment starts would still be recognised. Nope. It won't do it! (I can either have a large red splodge that covers my house and the nearby road junction, or I can have a large splodge that doesn't quite reach the house.) THIS IS REALLY, REALLY ANNOYING! I have been toying with the idea of getting Premium membership lately, but if this whole privacy thing doesn't get straightened out I can't see myself continuing to use it, never mind going 'Premium'. Please, Strava, listen to the 85 of us who have said something. I guarantee that we are just the tip of the iceberg who could find the time to comment...

  • Stuart, I've found that some websites don't give quite the same co-ords as others.  The first one I tried had Strava putting the location at the other end of town, but this one seems to be 'on the same wavelength' as Stravas map.  Give it a try:

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