Add Gear Maintenance Alerts/Notifications

Also a great opportunity for targeted-advertising. I'm sure Performance Bikes would like to know that I'm due for new tires, and Road Runner Sports would like to know I'm due for shoes. 

Information that can be included:

* How many miles have I run in these shoes?

* How many miles on these tires?

* How many miles since I lubed my chain?

* When did I refill my tire sealant?

* How old is this helmet?

* Hey, every time I lube my chain, I ride faster!

* How about an alert when I've exceeded some preset or recommended time/mileage? Time to lube that chain! Time for a new cassette! Time for a new bike! 



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    Thanks so much David! For those that are interested, there is a cool app for gear maintenance notifications that David has kindly contributed to the community.

    We hope to incorporate this feature into Strava someday as well. Appreciate all the comments and upvotes on this post, please keep them coming! 

  • Yes! Yes to all of this!

  • I've wanted this for a long time. Specify a time / mileage for a component  like the oil change sticker in my car.

  • I was about to suggest this myself. It's perplexing that Strava promote the Gear feature as a means of keeping on top of maintenance, yet they don't offer these simple alerts. I'm not so keen on targeted advertising, but that's the nature of a free service, I suppose.

  • I was also about to add this.  With several bikes in the house between two of us, it would be great to be able to note when something had been done on a particular bike.  It is hard to remember to keep track.  Seeing all the bike data and Kms are there already, just track events for each bike.  I love the idea of setting a limit for something like kms per chain and have an alert, but just a simple record of maintenance events per bike on its own would be useful.  Make it a premium feature and add more value to the premium subscription.  I don't mind letting my LBS track this either.

  • I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago, specifically miles on tires. I am about to change tires and would like to be able to track miles on them and when I should rotate. "Make it so".

  • Love the idea guys.

    Strava should call it "StravaCare" 

  • Me too! I would like an alert we it is time to change my coponents.

    I change my chain every 4000km, and my chainrings & cassette every 12000km. I would like an alert for each component i like to follow.


  • I just discovered the value of adding bike components and the ability to track the mileage for each.  I now track my chain and tire mileage and tire location (back to front).  I'd love to also track my sealant changes and shock maintenance.  I'd also like to track time as well as miles.  Put all this info on my dashboard instead of hidden in my profile so I can see it each time I log in. 

    Some may not like this idea, but I'd like my LBS and running store to have this information so they can remind me to bring my fork for servicing and perhaps send me a coupon.  Or maybe when my shoes hit the 400 mi mark, my local running store can target me with discount to buy a new pair.  Emphasize the local shops that I am following NOT Zappos or Amazon.  If I were an LBS, I'd pay a premium to have access to my customers' maintenance data.   

  • Alerts for replacing worn chains/sprockets would be nice.  
    Would prefer to see existing bugs fixed relating to components with no default name....  .... oh  has that been fixed now? would have been nice to have been told.  Carry on!

  • Great ideas. I would like to have an additional feature for all the people regularly rotating their chains. For example I have 4 chains for my road bike. I change between chains at about 900 kilometers, from chain 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, 3 to 4, back to 1 ...

    I would like for example activate / deactivate the items from time to time. currently it is only possible to delete or retire an item.

    But Alerts are definitely a must have, I need to be remembered when the current chain has more than x kilometers. @Strava: Take a look at the equipment plugin for sporttracks. It has everything you need, I think you can get every inspiration you need from that plugin

  • Hi folks! Today we've enabled notifications for any Shoes entered in the My Gear settings page (for runners). 

    Shoe notifications alert a runner when their shoes hit a certain distance threshold via an email and a notification (web only). The notification setting is controlled from the shoe dialog, and is off by default. A user will receive a notification when their shoes hit the threshold, and then every 50 miles (100 km) thereafter. Only non-retired shoes will trigger notifications.

    I know many of you have requested a feature similar to this for cycling components, so stay tuned for future developments.


  • Hi Elle et al.

    Kudos for adding all this nice gear-related functionality.  However, I keep track of my shoe mileage myself and have my own, tested method of when a shoe needs to be retired.  I would REALLY like a way to turn OFF the "Brooks recommends retiring shoes after 350 miles, here's a link to the Brooks web store" notifications and emails every time I run in some of my older shoes.  If there is already a way to do this, I can't find it.  As is, it's pretty annoying.



  • Thanks Charles, I started a support ticket for you so that someone on your team can track down the answer! Sorry for the annoyance.

  • This seems the right place to add that I would like to track my shoes when I walk miles in them in addition to running.  I use my shoes for both and now the miles are understated so I don't really have a clue how many miles are really on my shoes.  Seems it would be simple to add the capability as it already exists for running.

  • +1 for component time/mileage alerts!

    p.s. please switch this request to "planned" =)

  • I thought I came up with this idea today!!! Put new tires on and had a great ride then started thinking strava should have sub categories for each bike so i can track my mileage for wheelsets, tires chains and other maintenance... Kind of like the oil sticker they put in your window after an oil change. except strava could notify you when you hit set mileage markers for maintenance and even send links to certain retailers for tires or other goods. I hope this is incorporated into the site soon!!
  • + When did I last change the battery on a sensor?

  • Alets would be really useful on cetain bike components, really like the new running shoes alerts, hope to see it soon on bike components
  • It would be amazingly helpful to be able to set service limits for parts like chains and get alerts when they are due for replacing. I’m happy to set my own service limits (e.g. the number of miles before an alert is sent).


    This would also be great for servicing too. Servicing a MTN bike fork is a great example. There are three basic levels of maintenance: (1) a basic servicing involving changing the fork oil, (2) a lower end rebuild that involves changing fork oil and seals, and (3) doing a major fork rebuild. Getting the first two done regularly reduces the need to do the more expensive third servicing and extends the fork's life. This argument applies to rear suspension, drive trains etc. To pull this off, a user would require the ability to identify a service activity and date that can be associated with a component. I guess you could fake it by retiring your fork and adding a new one, after every service, but when you do that, you lose your overall history for that component.

  • Yes, this would be extremely helpuful.  Actually something worth having a premium membership for.

  • Yes please - something like this would have possibly saved me from destroying a fork.


    Thanks in advance

  • Would be nice!

  • The chain alert makes the most sense and seemingly would be the easiest to implement. Perhaps an algorithm could be developed that considers power/weight in relationship to mileage when it comes to chain wear/stretch. "Time to check your chain."

  • They already have this for running shoes, so it shouldn't be that hard to implement for a new chain!

  • This would be great. I am maintenance engineer and it should be very easy to write this into STrava

  • Recently had some free time, wrote my own app for this. It's very beta but works.


  • Updated with kilometers for those folks on the other side of the pond.



  • As others have said, I was going to add this as well, found another post and was then directed to this post.  Would love to see this feature on Strava!

  • Hi Elle,

    Glad you like it, it's nothing fancy (only available as web App) but has been working without issues for over a year now and is FREE. It sends users an email alert when their bike reaches a set distance. I've also included a simple text field for service notes. I use the notes to enter all sorts of information about my bike(s) care. 

    Here's an FAQ those interested.







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