Hide Power or Heart Rate data on an Activity

Update privacy setting to be able to hide power data of your ride...  



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  • I certainly hear the frustration around this feature suggestion! This topic will be included in our discussion and plans around better privacy features on Strava, which we're targeting later this spring/summer. Thanks and keep the feedback coming in the meantime.

  • I have cancelled my subscription because of this, but would jump back on board if sort out. 

  • Thank you to consider our request

  • Please allow for the selective hiding of power and heart rate data.  I don't want people knowing how hard I had to work to beat their segment...

  • If they are actually going to look at this perhaps the best way of handling it is to have a 'who can see this' option on each field (i.e. power, hr, cadence, etc).  Options are 'everyone', 'followers', 'club members', 'only me'.

  • This needs to happen and as a Web Programmer this is an easy implantation.

  • +1. Please add Hide power data and heart rate data to the privacy settings. Cheers Tim
  • ha, I have waited for so long on this thing..., I finally gave up. Got training peaks account that allows me to do what I want, for 30$ a year more, It is day and night especailly if you have power meter, just unbelievably good. I will keep strava free account just for kicks but will only upload KOM data.

  • It would be great if this is added as an option in the privacy settings.

  • Strava sucks....they care more about annual trophies than real features we all want.  I will NEVER pay for premium until they get a team that listens to their customers.

  • I am considering getting a power meter in a few months. Here in Brazil they rob bikes at gunpoint. I am not interested in showing off my possessions on the web to make their life easier.

  • +1 for the ability to hide certain metrics, can't be difficult technically

  • Paying money for premium we should have the right to hide whatever we want. I don't like others seeing what I did for a certain race and try and Judge my efforts off of data. Just like a pro wouldnt like it either. At the same time, I do like being competitive on the leaderboards!! So maybe have an option to keep our rides private but still be competitive with the leaderboards if thats easier for you guys to set up

  • Humm...


    A blog during the Tour of Utah, people do look at and use data that should be disclosed at the discretion of the account owner. It really isn't that hard for a decent programmer...

    Optum Pro Cycling's Michael Woods:

    "Danielson, was chatty, in good spirits, and cracking jokes with Phil. At one point he turned to me, and said, "Dude, I have been looking at your Strava. You have been doing some epic rides." The fact that Danielson was looking at my Strava profile stunned me. After the month of training I had done in Colorado, I knew I was in shape to contend with the best climbers in the race, but I thought I was flying under the radar. I went to bed that night, thinking about the fact that Danielson, the race's favourite for the overall win, was keeping tabs on me." (Cycling News, 2015) (

  • When we have the opportunity to hide data from sharing?

  • Elle Anderson
    Community Support
    Good morning, I certainly hear the frustration around this feature suggestion! This topic will be included in our discussion and plans around better privacy features on Strava, which we're targeting later this spring/summer. Thanks and keep the feedback coming in the meantime! 
    April 9, 2015, 11:47 AM

    Soon the end of summer and nothing has been done

  • Also


    Ich verstehe das langsam nicht mehr. Hier ist doch die Mehrheit bereit einen Premium Acount zumachen wenn man seine Pulsseite ausblenden kann. Wo ist das Problem bei euch?





  • I would really like the ability to make heart rate private. To me it is not a privacy issue but more of strategy. With this feature I would go premium today.


  • This is just rediculous that they can do everything else private for pros but not us amateurs or competitive people amongst friends.

    If something isn't done by the time my membership is done for the year I'm going to training peaks
  • Hallo? Support? This (decision + action) can't be that difficult? Would be nice if you could tell us some updated news about this topic. The Pros can do it it so why not us?

  • I think theyve ignored this topic. Instead they spend their time putting up features on what city rides more. Don't care about that!! 


    Started using RWGPS to analyze my power data. Ive stopped uploading my rides on strava as of this week publicly. Premium members are what keeps that site able to run. No more premium renewal until this is addressed!


  • We should all just band together and cancel premium at the same time, at least until a representative gives a clear timeline on when this will be implemented. It is pure hubris at this point when Strava refuses to address an issue that primarily, while not exclusively, affects its paying subscription customers. 

  • Elle Anderson is a joke!!! I canceled my premium long ago. Yeah, what city rides the most or how about the annual feel good stupid trophies nobody cares about!!! She is totally out of touch with real cyclists.
  • I waited patiently for 2 years for this feature, but in Feb 2016 when my subscription is up, I'm not renewing it. I'm voting with my valet. Without this feature Im out. it is my data and I would like to have ability to show/hide every aspect of it.

  • @Sebastian Zdyb think it'd be more effective if you voted with you wallet instead!


    On a more serious note... lack of response from Strava speaks poorly of them listening to customers

  • @Ed Parker You forgot about "I", like in b*tch. Are you one of those wannabe English teachers that failed at elementary school and now correcting English grammar inStrava support forums?

    I will ask my valet John not to renew my subscription.

  • I just sent this to strava support. 


    Me and others are very concerned about the lack of support of this request.

    As I understand the person reading this is not responsible for the decisions made to the website features, maybe it can be forwarded to the appropriate person in charge of the features.

    This request can't be that hard to implement, since we have seen Pros get this luxury.

    Strava Premium is useless if we can't customize what we want to be seen publicly.

    thanks in advance

  • I'd really like to see this feature as well. I currently use to strip power and heart rate data prior to uploading the data to strava. What is annoying is that this is not an automated process, I have to physically do this each time. Moreover, the data is never in strava so it severely limits my ability to analyze data on strava in the future. That isn't a big deal to me, but to strava it should be a big deal because that means I'm going elsewhere to store my data. If they implemented this feature then I could happily automate my upload from GC to Strava. Also, strava would still be able to analyze my data if they need to (trust me, they do, their estimated power is WAYYY off),. 


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