Mobile App support for indoor (non-GPS) recording

The Strava App for iPhone/Android does not currently have many features in place for stationary trainer or indoor recording. The App requires a valid GPS signal to record data, and will not be able to record good data when indoors with a weak GPS signal. For now, you can always enter your stationary/indoor metrics in a Manual Activity entry within the App or on the Strava website.

If we choose to better support stationary/indoor workouts in the future, what kinds of integrations, support, and features would you like to see on the Strava mobile app? 

Some suggestions we've heard before: 

- Tag activities as stationary trainer from the mobile app

- Fix issues with viewing indoor/non-GPS activities from the mobile app (there are display issues with the data currently)

- Manual entry for Heart Rate, Power and Cadence to an indoor activity.

- Support recording indoors with no GPS signal with ANT+ or BTLE accessories, such as Heart Rate monitors, Cadence and Power meters via the mobile app. 

- Enter an approximate or estimated distance to an existing activity for cycling done on a stationary trainer without a speed sensor (similar feature suggestion here).

Please send us your feedback and ideas. Thanks! 



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  • I can't believe that Strava team is ignoring those of us that have to train indoors during the winter. The 'official' explanation given there (by Elle) is awful and as anti-customer as I have seen.

    I will be dropping my premium membership, as it appears that I am not the type of customer that Strava is looking to attract.

    I can't believe that some stubborn belief at corporate is keeping all of us from from entering info on a treadmill run.  It's not that it is not possible, it is that Strava will not do it.  


  • Relax, guys! Most of strava users are just KOM warriors. There is little athlets who use Strava as training log. Just look at feature votes numbers. You can track indoor rides via Zwift - there is perfect inegration even "virtual" segments support. Just to please KOM warriors. People use Strava for entertinment, not for training - that's it! ))

  • Well, I guess this yet another app that's single minded and another app I'll delete. Let me know when you're going accomodate indoor activities and I might come back.

  • I can't see spending the money for Premium if the recommendation I get from Strava is to "use another app that can record indoors and then export the activity and upload it to Strava." No, I want to use one app for everything and not being able to track indoor running on a treadmill seems ridiculous to me for an app that costs so much to unlock every feature available. Especially for users of Apple Watch. It alone is able to track indoor activities, why can't Strava just tap into that? I want to be able to track time and heart rate and track it all in one place. I don't care if my workout won't count for challenges. It really makes no sense at all that those things can't be tracked.

  • Agreed - an indoor training mode would be really helpful, simply collecting any sensor data attached - HR, Power and logging the time/intervals etc. This data could then be used towards suffer score, training readiness, power graphs etc.

  • I recently started tracking my bike rides using Strava.  However I do ride a stationary bike, especially in the winter time and MapMyRide allows me to do so.

    Since it's been a year since Strava stated that being able to track stationary rides, it's obvious that is not going to be a priority.  

    Sorry, I'm going back to MapMyRide until I see anything different.

  • You can track the indoor activities with the mobile camera... just an idea. If the user can select type of activity: riding trainer bike, running on treadmill or elliptical the app can detect the pattern of movement and track the speed.

  • Alexander, looks too complicated to use. Anyway there are plenty of sensors to record activity. The problem is that Strava fails to track it without GPS data. Maybe it just relies upon GPX format which is not suitable for sport. Garmin uses TCX instead - it just do not require GPS data to be recorded. I'm waiting for function that would allow to throw away GPS data if time data is present. 

  • Looks as if this hasn't been updated in a while. Anything to report? Recently went to an indoor spin studio, turned off auto pause, assumed I'd get my data but nothing. Seems like such and easy fix to swap to indoor mode and just record HR data etc.. For premium members entering manual workouts is far from ideal, but would agree that if we do we should be able to enter HR data so we can at least have a somewhat accurate fitness/freshness graph.. 

  • I also find this very frustrating as I now have to look in different apps for different stats.

    Please could you make it possible to see HR and cadence without GPS...

  • This is really bad that strava can't track indoor sports at all. Tried with badminton, but it couldn't get any hr when it didn't get the GPS, which is BS in my opinion. Even at outdoors it doesn't get the GPS every time, you just have to start google maps and then it gets the GPS which is also BS.

    Worst spend 60 euros in a long time. Can't really believe that you missed out on tracking anything without gps!

    I'm switching to Endomondo or something else, if this doesn't get fixed soon!

  • I'm a Zwift user, but previously did indoor riding on the turbo. This isn't going to happen now. Strava is too in bed with Zwift. 

    I'd love to be able to record indoor rowing, with HR data etc through the app, and manually edit the distance but I can't. I have to record the HR activity through another app, and manually create an activity with the distance, so I have 3 activities.

  • I'm just glad after reading this... that I didn't pay the whole year as premium, as during winter I won't exercise outdoors. Therefore strava is just NOT USEFUL to me. I became premium to check my heart rate data, but this means strava is not the app I need.

  • What I find •really• confusing is that I used Strava for the first time yesterday on an indoor treadmill run. I had audio cues turned on and auto-pause turned off. All the way through the run I was given accurate mile announcements (at 1.6km, 3.2km etc according to the treadmill). My heart rate was displayed and so on.

    However when I completed the run, I couldn't save it because there was no GPS data! Even though the data captured was accurate, I wasn't even given the option. All I can do is 'Resume' or 'Discard'.

    With Nike+ Run Club (from whom I've migrated after months of helping them troubleshoot other technical bugs) at least I was given the options to (a) mark a run as an indoor run and (b) save it.

    The Apple Watch allows me to run indoors.

    If Strava is capturing the data as I run, it seems trivial and sensible to enable customers to save it (and then edit it if it's not completely in sync with treadmill data, for example).

  • So is there any particular reason we can't have heart rate data against time elapsed? Useful for interval training on exercise bike.

    I know it's available on the website but surely very easy to do on app as has nothing to do with GPS. Just change the heart rate graph to these parameters  if you select workout?

  • "If Strava is capturing the data as I run"

    "I know it's available on the website"

    "during winter"


    Come on Strava can't you get a crack team of a few programmers to knock this out over the holidays?


  • Strava monetizes our location data. Without location data, there is simply no motivation on the part of Strava to add or improve their indoor activity support. Sad as that is, their official comment indicates we are not a priority.

  • but on other hand, Strava accepts workouts from Zwift - location data there is purely virtual :D

  • This is no problem to monetize virtual location data, since it's popular to ride at virtual places. )) But obviously Strava is a social network for riders\weekend warriors, rather than a training app for athlets to record their workouts. 

  • I just read a post from Strava today, encouraging users to log activities other than just running and biking, by utilizing Strava’s ability to manually log activities. In my opinion, Strava’s option to log activities manually is certainly not the answer here. I think the real solution would be for Strava to answer the cry from users who want more activity logging capability, by tapping the power of devices like the Apple Watch. Strava needs to put some work into updating the Apple Watch app to record all the activities that they currently expect us to log manually. Utilize the accelerometer data so that indoor activities can be logged via the Strava app for Apple Watch. Take a serious look at all the activities that the Apple Fitness app allows you to log with the Apple Watch and bring that to Strava. Additionally, Strava needs to utilize the Apple Watch Series 3 altimeter data for outdoor runs and bike rides.

    In general, I love Strava’s ability to track and log data, but they need a better Watch app and the ability to properly log indoor workouts. Don’t most serious athletes workout indoor too, especially during the winter months? Please take this to heart Strava and give us a way to really log workouts other than biking and running, and the ability to log indoor workouts.

    Thanks for considering.

  • Completely agree with Rob DeLanoy. I'm following a training programme which includes treadmill, indoor bike, elliptical trainer and yoga as well as running. Whilst I don't expect Strava to add yoga to its supported activities, Rob's approach seems like a no-brainer. Yesterday I ran indoors. I uploaded my run to Strava only to have it immediately automatically download and a 'duplicate' created in the Activity App on my Watch / iPhone. This means my Move and Exercise data is completely wrong.

    It would be so much easier - and far more accurate - if I could just upload my Apple Activities (for indoors) to Strava. This would prevent duplication at the very least.

    Whatever approach, something needs to happen. Strava cannot continue to ignore requests for such an important feature from its user base.

  • For start I think all the indoor sport versions should be integrated that are already available in STRAVA.

    Or maybe for start just let the app record and save without GPS .

    The other issue I had was that my HR data recorded under Polar Flow/spinning was not automatically uploaded to Strava. At least Strava should accept and save the data provided by other apps.




  • +1 for this functionality.

    Just got a Spinner Chronos Power with console. I saw Strava can link with a blue tooth sensor, but was very disappointed to discover it doesn't seem to work with the spin bike.

  • Finally got a treadmill to complement my training. I was so dissapointed to see I cannot register my treadmill runs to Strava, a part from manual upload. What a pity. I’m such a big Strava fan, it’s really silly not to be able to register treadmill runs, which for most of us are part of our training. And what I am even more upset about is that Strava members have been requesting this for ages and just NO action from the Strava side. I am a premium member and have always received excellent service on issues raised in the past ... hence the even bigger disappointment that in this case they simply do not seem to want to consider it. 

  • I can't believe this is still not supported, why taking years, & years, & years.

    Wow... What lame forum software... >.>

    How do we subscribe to threads, so we get emails when there's new posts?!?


  • Hello! I love Strava. But this area is the one thing that I hope will be supported in the very near future. I have been using Runkeeper for over 8 years for this very reason, and have to manually add my treadmill and other gym workouts to Astra a manually. It’s tedious and cumbersome and it just seems crazy to me that Strava won’t just record workout time and sensor data without GPS. Runkeeper just lets you put in the distance you ran, for instance, and yes we all understand that these workouts won’t be good toward challenges. Please just add this functionality because I have recommended Strava to many friends but they don’t end up using it for this very reason. Thank you for listening! As you know for many years - the Strava Community Wants This! PLEASE!!

  • Well, at least it appears that Strava will upload data from a Peloton bike.  It sure would be nice though if other stationary bike manufacturers (i.e. Keiser) could get in on that deal.....

  • I stopped using Strava ever since I started supporting my outdoor activities with indoor activities.

    Seems you have 6 pages worth of people here wanting it, that is, people that made it to this page.  I stopped using mine about 3 months ago and just now found this page due to a support ticket I submitted.

    I understand your barrier with GPS signal.   So skip that, and work on importing data from excercise machines like some of the other fitness tracking apps do.

    Get on board or get left behind.

  • Never knew about Strava until I got my Peloton bike, was going to pay for Strava but I can't sync indoor workouts with heart rate because of some GPS requirement. It's ridiculous that Strava has not allowed this yet, it's obvious they can as they are allowing my Peloton without gps. Looks like I won't be a paying Strava customer.

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