Add a "Service" item to Bike Components list

This item should be able to be selected multiple times per bike. Linked to date (as all other current items currently are) it will allow for easy tracking of service intervals.

Also allow replacement items to be replaced multiple times per bike. This will make it easier to track how long an item lasts that is likely to be replaced multiple times (eg. Tires).

Also notice now that "Retire" does the same as "Delete" for a component. I would have expected a 'retired" component to still be in the history log of the Bike component list.



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  • I had same suggestion. I really like this idea...

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  • Neat idea, chains on MTB needs watching and simple notification would help.
    In case of full fledged integration, strava could track recommended service intervals for forks, and recommend best local shop for the service.


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  • This request has still not been addressed. Service intervals tracking is very important.

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  • Great idea -

    • include servicing 
    • i would like a countdown kms to a service component - example is hub service that i do every 5,000kms
    • Free format of components list - or make it extensive 
    • Be able to track kms of different components - for example sometimes i swap a component to a compact crank and then back to a normal crank - or different clusters on the same bike 
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